The Best 15 Zelda Songs (VIDEOS)


"Here at DAMNLAG, we love us some Zelda (well, except Zack). We love it so much, that we can all can get together and talk about the series for hours. During one of our recent random chat sessions, we thought it would be fun to create a list honoring the wonderful music of Zelda. We have assembled what we consider the best fifteen Zelda songs (and one honorable mention) based on the following four factors: catchines, compositon, usage in-game, and lasting emotional effect. We hope you enjoy listening to our selections, as we included the best versions of each song we could find. The writers who participated in the roundtable are Steve Bogda, Brandon Whaley, and Mark Swan."

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boogeyman9993006d ago

I love myself some song of healing.

Valay3006d ago

Zelda games have so many great songs. I don't think I can choose a favorite.

MechaZain3006d ago

I used to stay in the stupid windmill just to hear the Song of Storms. Needs more love

--Onilink--3005d ago

Yeah i used to do the same thing, lol... That one is definetely my favorite

Mastersnake103006d ago

Trying to think which is the best out of all these is impossible. Song of Healing is a fine choice.

Overmind4203006d ago

The best Zelda songs I've heard have been used for remixes, like the ones used in Team teamwork: the ocarina of rhyme.

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The story is too old to be commented.