Halo: Reach Preview with Bungie's Brian Jarrard

Original Gamer: "Ray Carsillo had a chance to sit down with Brian Jarrard, the Community Director for Bungie, to grill him on what will be the last Bungie produced story from the Halo universe, Halo Reach. Check out how far Ray delves into this key piece of the Halo canon with brand new weapons and a completely revamped Firefight mode."

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tmj3006d ago

Hopefully this will get that taste of Halo ODST out of my mouth.

SixZeroFour3006d ago

i didnt find odst anywhere near a bad game...the story was well told, but firefight was a bit of a let down without matchmaking (which reach is fixing)

the length that the majority are complaining about, i found was pretty good, especially with what i got out of it, i did it on 4 player coop legendary, with a couple skulls on, and looked for the audio logs, and got a good 8-10 hours out of it...not including just goofing around in new mombasa with the mongooses

TROLL EATER3006d ago

halo reach the definitive FPS

Paradicia3006d ago

Reach will be a sure contender for GOTY no doubt.