Steams VAC Banning Modern Warfare 2 Players & Reversal

Recently the Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC) has been on a rampage banning Modern Warfare 2 players on Steam. VAC is a built in Steam component that is suppose to detect cheaters and cheating programs, then report and ban offending players.

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IvanC3005d ago

If that's the reason for the bans, that would be messed up.

GWAVE3005d ago

99/100 times, these people are real cheaters and they're just saying whatever they can to avoid being banned. Think about it: they've probably sunk 1,000s of hours into their character rank. If they're willing to cheat the system in order to unfairly advance, do you think they're going to suddenly be honest and say "yeah, I cheated. Go ahead and take away my months of game time".

IvanC3005d ago

lol, true. But the explanation is plausible. I feel like I'm on Mythbusters saying that. That's always a concern though, one person gives a reason and everyone jumps on board.

evrfighter3005d ago

<3 Gabe

subliminal message from valve "CoD is crap, here you go have some l4d2"

Conloles3005d ago

Valve are so awesome I'd wanna be banned lol!

despair3005d ago

the problem as stated in the article is why hasn't everyone been banned if its the quake 3 server code thing. Its probably mostly correct bans but people will do anything to get back in, and if you cheat whats lying.

Garnett3005d ago

First time i ever seen VAC do anything.

fortehhordes3005d ago

I am guessing the system would be pretty transparent unless you were cheating. In TF2 you see the VAC enabled bar when you log into a server.

Garnett3005d ago

I mean i see guys who openly use hacks, ect right in a game, and VAC do nothing..

Nice to know VAC is working.

ThanatosDMC3005d ago

It's because VAC has done such a good job with the cheaters of CS way back when and it's made Steam quite clean for such a long time.

dizzleK3005d ago

as i said in another thread, its a sign from god to get over mw2 and play one of the tons of new titles that have been released this past year.

adlt3005d ago

They actually gave everyone they banned a free copy of Left for Dead 2? I mean I haven't played the game, but I watched a friend play it. That's pretty cool of them.

SpaceFox3005d ago

Yeah, man I wish I'd gotten banned! Haha. They also gave a copy to gift to a friend, awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.