PS3 to come out on top, says Jez San

Jez San, founder of the now-defunct Argonaut Software and now involved with PS3 slash 'em-up, Heavenly Sword has said that he thinks the PlayStation 3 will come out on top in the next-gen console war, "but only because its got Blu-ray."

Speaking to The Guardian, San said: "I think the combination of a next-generation games machine and a next-generation DVD player that plays full high-definition movies is very compelling, despite the huge price. Remember price is just a function of time and volume. It doesn't matter what the PS3 comes out at, it's what it gets down to, over time, that's important."

In the same article, market analyst Paul Jackson of Forrester Research agrees with San's comments, saying that Sony stands a good chance because, "Far more people will go for a PS3 than spend $1,000 on a Blu-ray player's a question of how quickly [Sony] gets the price down."

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achira5397d ago

ps3 all the way !!! ps3 will win, i cant wait for my ps3. i already bought a biiiiiiiiiiiig tv.

Gh0stDrag0n5397d ago

Little dude, don't you mean your mommy and daddy bought a Big TV?

TheMART5397d ago

a big TV. So you bought a widescreen CRT?

THat's next gen gaming isn't it?!? LOL

oh yeah don't be too exited though:

"But Blu-ray's problems didn't end there. Occasional compression artifacts and brightness issues also led the site to crown HD DVD the winner. "In our first head-to-head comparison, we found the HD DVD to be superior," wrote Peter Bracke. "The unfortunate cropping of the Blu-ray image, coupled with more noticeable compression artifacts and an overall darker cast, can't compete with the more consistently pleasing presentation of the HD DVD."

andy capps5397d ago

Maybe you shouldn't get too excited, theMART-

"With only one Blu-ray player available, it is impossible to say whether the problem is caused by the transfer process or by the player itself."

It's already been established that the factory settings in the Samsung player have noise reduction turned on, which results in a softer image. Samsung is said to be working on a firmware update to correct existing units, but will fix the issue on future production units. The issues spoken of the Blu-ray discs in the article you referenced are also more than likely attributed to the player itself as it's known already to have issues.

Aramis0015397d ago

Here it comes, a huge flame war. I can tell, the title will attract fanboys like a bug zapper. I'm gonna stay out of this one, for fear of getting shocked, but dont worry, I'll check in every once in a while for a laugh.

kingboy5397d ago

me too..i posted it for sony fans anyway..

Gh0stDrag0n5397d ago

This guy must be a retard. His company is DEFUNCT. Why would we trust what he has to say about the PS3?

Lucidmantra5397d ago

yes, aside from the fact that his company tanked out and he was a founder so his business skills are questionable. He is developing an exclusive PS3 title, thats like asking J Allard or Major Nelson who they think will win the console wars. But anyways.. same old same old.

pRo loGic II5397d ago

Very possible. I just don't see it; being that PS3 will never reach the power price point of $250 or less dollars, with less games and weaker online service, don't bash me it's just that MS is an software company lol lol. lol

andy capps5397d ago (Edited 5397d ago )

How many games did the Xbox come out with over it's lifespan? How many did the PS2 come out with? How many did the PS1 come out with? Would you not expect the trend to continue with the same quantities of games coming out for PS3?
This guy in the article is about as unbiased as Peter Molyneax, nuff said.

Watapata5397d ago

Microsoft is a software company yes, and Sony is a hardware company. They can reduce costs quicker than Microsoft can easily. you will see the PS3 below $250 before the following generation of consoles...

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