Starcraft 2 interview: "The first Starcraft was very limited"

Today we see the launch of Starcraft 2, one of the most important pc games in 2010. PC Games interviewed Blizzard's lead technical artist Rob McNaughtonin Berlin, who will be signing autographs during the midnight sale. McNaughton spoke about the next Starcraft, the first Starcraft and Blizzard's different approach to Starcraft 2 compared to Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft.
Quote: "The first Starcraft was very limited: There were only 256 colors, and very low resolutions. We have decided to pack as much as possible from the old game into the best graphics engine that was available to us. Everything should be pretty, be bright, with higher resolutions, but also with the typical Starcraft look so worn out with metal, which is also here and there dirty."

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