Dragon Quest IX: Mini Medal Rewards

"What to do on the Mini Medals that you collected in Dragon Quest IX? Well, if the player obtains a specific amount of Mini Medals in the game, there’s a reward waiting to be collected!"

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ShadyDevil3004d ago

Going to use this when i get the game.

MightyMark4273004d ago

You have to get the game. It's very GOOD. It will take you more than 100 hours if you want to do everything

callahan093004d ago

Agreed. I've got 8 hours in and I've barely even done anything. I got to Stornway and then just went around to all the opened areas without continuing the story and doing the Wight Knight business, leveling up as much as I could while I waited for my friend to catch up so we could start playing together (can't play multiplayer til you and your friend are both up to Stornway, which is like 2 hours in). So I'm level 18 and haven't even done anything yet! Later tonight I'll finally do the Stornway Wight Knight thing with my friend.

MightyMark4273003d ago

Yup. I'm 80 hours in and I'm just grinding for metal slimed haha

MattyF3004d ago

Awesome game. Can easily put in 100+hrs into it.