Rumor: Saints Row Platinum - 2 Pack coming to Xbox 360

According to Amazon and GameStop, Saints Row Platinum - 2 Pack is coming to Xbox 360 later this year.

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mjolliffe3031d ago

Awesome :)

I wouldn't usually trust a retailer, but with it being listed on multiple sites, I can see that it's all-but confirmed...

VINNIEPAZ3031d ago

I can say this is true and not a rumor. My girl works at a game store and this is in the computer. So if you are a Saints Row fan, its coming.

washingmachine3031d ago

aww wish ps3 could get a release of sr1

HolyOrangeCows3031d ago

It was too bad that they didn't finish it. Oh well, they did it to make SR2, so...

MicroSony4Life3031d ago

I almost thought that they were going to bring out some new DLC for SR1.

SR2 was ok but got turned off by the multi player. I mean why in the world would you change something that 90% of your fans enjoyed - Protect the pimp,Blinged out ride.

SR3 better have a MASSIVE Gang creation tool and they better try to go back to SR1 mutli player formula or I wont be buying SR3.

CaJuaLFeatPuFF3031d ago

SR3 better have ptp and bor
+ Gangs

Myst3031d ago

Putting Platinum and Xbox 360 in the same sentence threw me for quite a loop. I haven't played a SR game period and this may be good for me. Though some people keep saying just wait for SR3 so will have to see what the price is on this one versus the 20.00 one on PS3.

MicroSony4Life3031d ago

Go get SR1 right now - its only $15.

Skip SR2 unless you can get it for dirt cheap - if you enjoyed San Andres you will enjoy SR1. yOU HAVE MY WORD.

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The story is too old to be commented.