PlayStation Move vs. Microsoft Kinect

Digital Trends: "This holiday season, the hot item in the video gaming world won’t be a new console, or even a hot title, but a piece of hardware that will change the way you play game on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. That’s not rhetoric, that is a fact. Whether or not people buy into it – that is the question.

The PlayStation Move and the Microsoft Kinect are both due out this holiday season, and both will offer gamers a gesture-based controller for their respective systems. While the Nintendo Wii might have a place in the conversation, the new controllers are add-ons to their respective systems, while the Wii nunchucks are a standard piece of the hardware and thus in a different class.

So behind the hype, and beyond the advertisements, which of the new controllers is better? After having some time with each at E3 and a few other events, we put them head to head to find out which of the two should end up on your list this holiday season."

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darthv724809d ago

Wii has shown that curiosity can sell systems. Both MS and sony need to drive the curiosity level on these up to get consumers to do a double take.

In the end, if you have a ps3 and are interested in the move...buy the move.

If you have a 360 and are interested in kinect...buy kinect.

It really isnt that hard to understand.

YourFlyness4809d ago

What if I have both, including the Wii?

because I do

darthv724809d ago

that is the best way to play.

My original comment was going to say something to the extent then I figured it would have been to long.

It is much funner to play them all.

dizzleK4809d ago

neither, pick them up during the after xmas sales where you'll find them both in the clearance bin.

Capdastaro4809d ago

I like apples and oranges.

Doesn't mean I buy them.

BlackTar1874809d ago

but im very skeptical about both of them. yes move has hardcore games but will it sufer the same fate to me as Wii hardcore games in i dont want to move around to much.... most def. but what the hell maybe one will surprise me.

All i want is a legit Gladiator combat MP game where your skills in combat are put to the test and not some lucky glitchy BS.