Will Call of Duty Die The Way Guitar Hero Did?

If there is one thing that Guitar Hero did right back in the PS2 days, is innovation. It came out and blew everyone away with it’s peripheral based gameplay. It became a successful IP for Activision and they quickly began working on sequels and spinoffs. To this day there has been over 10 guitar hero games released in the past 10 years.

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MariaHelFutura3005d ago


Then there wouldn`t be games like......Metal Of Duty: Bad Company.

Darkstorn3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

These long franchises have to run out of steam eventually. Final Fantasy, anyone?

@above - that's hilarious! XD

zeeshan3005d ago

Yes, hopefully, COD will die and sooner than later! Heck, I hope ACTIVISION dies or at least comes down the publisher leaderboard!

Conloles3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

We can dream

LOL @ Swishman 8800GTX way to carry the fight (curse only having one bubble)

pimpmaster3005d ago

well they said there was 3 cod titles in the works... so.. yea its going the way of guitar hero.

mikeslemonade3005d ago

It will only die if the human race dies. The online multiplayer is the main draw and it will keep on thriving.

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swishman3005d ago

There need to be alternatives though, there are no other 60 fps shooters out there, ppl want the smoothness.
COD appeals to everyone, pick up and play

8800gtx3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

"there are no other 60 fps shooters out there"

Only on hardware marketed as next gen (aka consoles). 4yr old gpus like my self can run plenty of FPS games in 1080p and @60fps. Newer models will run circles around me and are much much cheaper then any console can be.


Mmmkay3005d ago

meh. gpu's can't talk. you're just trolling.

8800gtx3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Hardware marketed as next gen cant do everything either :P i guess some company is just trolling.


mantisimo3005d ago

Change direction and NOT implement pay to play to survive.

There was a real scramble when a new cod came out and all my friends would be there playing a lot. Now no one I have on my friends list plays anymore.

Lets hope any new games in the series are worth it and not just a big dead (cod) fish

morkendo3005d ago

These long franchises have to run out of steam eventually. Final Fantasy, anyone?

NAH!! FINAL FANTASY not going anywhere. wish god of war,socom, call of duty,halo 100, left for dead,bioshock would run out of steam. same games over an over for last 5 years get boring FAST!!!!
nothing new or innovative, my ps3 sits collecting dust.

supersonicsaga3005d ago

I didn't know that Final Fantasy, God of War, Halo?, and Bioshock get released every year like Madden and Guitar Hero.

RumbleFish3005d ago

@Maria: LOL! Bubble for being funny.

CoD 4 was my first CoD and [email protected] my last CoD. I learned my lesson. They don't care about the gamers. The lack of community features and the crappy match making were reason enough for me to never buy a CoD again. I don't care if it dies. There are people, who like the game. Let them be happy.

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deadreckoning6663005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

No. Black Ops, qualitywise, looks to be the best COD game yet. I have no doubt it'll take the crown from C0D4. I'm very satisfied with Bad Company 2, but Black Ops looks WAAAY too good to pass up.

Gray-Fox3005d ago

You do know treyarch are making it, right?

polygrafix3005d ago

Treyarch has done good with CODWAW - they have a high quality standard and don't settle for less. I know- I worked with them when i was at Certain affinity working on multiplayer maps. They are no slouches.

KingKiff3005d ago

Not to keen on your comment are they?

Can't see why...

Crazyglues3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I don't think that's what they meant, I think they mean the next one... the one that Infinity Ward would have made after Black Ops..

In that sense yes, the Franchise is dead after Black Ops... Why? It's actually really simple...

Big companies like Activision and other big companies always make the same mistake, they always forget the reason why your so big, it's the talent...

Activision has no idea how to make an amazing COD game, (infinity Ward is the one's who knew what would make the game amazing) Activision has no idea why it sells so well and why it was so big... you can't just take a new team of people and put them on the project and think you can just make a game of that quality..

That is the problem -talent is worth paying for, because they make the company, not management. Activision seems to think gamers are stupid and anyone can turn out the next COD game and it will sell...

Wrong.. If you have trouble understanding that, just look at Treyarch's COD3, that game sucked. Treyarch was nobody until they got to use the COD4 game engine... yeah the one made by Infinity Ward.

Black Ops is using the Game Engine from CODMW2 and this will be their last amazing COD game, because there will be no code for part 2...

Only talent can push the game to the next level.. Companies learn this the hard way all the time.. Activision will be no different...


Stuart57563005d ago

Microsoft are doing the exact same thing with Halo!

hatchimatchi3005d ago

or maybe this, as much as I dislike the COD series, maybe the new developer will make a better game than infinity ward. I honestly have no idea why Call of Duty gets so much praise. It's the same game being released year after year after year.

mrmcygan3005d ago

The only thing that can save Call of Duty is Treyarch

xYLeinen3005d ago

That idea seems surreal imo..

Theparanerds3005d ago

Keep in mind that Call of Duty is a successful franchise, so their going to milk it for everything they got.

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