What If: “Final Fantasy Mystic Quest” Were To Be Remade?

Drakol of The BitBag writes, "It has been understood that during the early 90′s (until FFVII came out) that RPGs had been in the minority in the mainstream gaming media and community. Even with other RPGs such as Crystalis, Dragon Warrior IV, Phantasy Star III, and Lagoon, those still didn’t make much of an impact – which was why Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was created for the US market. FFMQ was supposed to be used as an intro to those who aren’t big into RPGs to begin with, which is why I think it did so poorly. It was known to be too easy, not enough “depth” to the plot and the graphics being too simplistic. All this is true, but for a Final Fantasy fan, like myself, I’d think that either devs from the Square-Enix office in Japan, US, or Europe would’ve done a remake of this by now."

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MariaHelFutura3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

They should put out the Final Fantasy collection on the PS3 w/ all the one`s they can (legally) on one BR disc remade/remastered in HD w/ trophies.

How many copies would they sell? As many as they could print. I`d buy it.

RoX_TimE_BomB3102d ago

You know what im not a big FF fan... but thats a great idea... Actually since a lot of new young gamers are around I would think remaking some of the real old... like 1 2 3 etc into a new hd type of game could be a cool idea. Might get a whole new generation of gamers into them.

NecrumSlavery3102d ago

As cool as that would be, that is going to require one of those 320g bluray discs and a lot of time and people. Plus, I bet it would sell for no less than $300

Makidian3101d ago


They could easily fit HD remastered versions of all Final Fantasy games to FFVI, maybe through to FFIX, on one 50gb BD, and it would be awesome. I would happily pay an above average price for remasters of all of my favorite Final Fantasy games. However it would be more logical for them to do it in trilogies, such as FFMQ-FFIII(not really a trilogy this one), FFIV-FFVI, FFVII-FFIX, FFX/X-2 and FFXII. I think my gaming life would be forever ruined if they did that though especially if there were trophies/achievements because I would waste away reliving my childhood.

WhatARump3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I don't think you should encourage Square Enix to waste more of their time releasing garbage ports and lack luster games.

They're aren't intelligent enough to take a hint so they'll probably just release 4 random DS games, make one crappy multiplat in a span of 3 years and end up continually being hated for being dumbasses.

Square isn't what it used to be and never will be again :(
I don't even trust them with a remake anymore...

SactoGamer3102d ago

This was the second Final Fantasy title I every played.

Gloomy Sunday3102d ago

I remember playing this game for hours, grinding against Mad Toads and the Red Caps that look like Christmas elves lol

moe843102d ago

I remember as a young boy getting face-rolled by the last boss, Dark King. Then a friend just goes "dude, just cast cure". A few turns later it was gg

kaz3503102d ago

i LOVED this game, i mean there was a guy whos main weapon was ninja stars ! And he had his own theme music.

Very underrated....

theusedfake3102d ago

I remember him, Tristan I think the name was.
he was awesome

Ripyealip3102d ago

very scary picture you have

Alos883102d ago

I remember when Pollymanaend said this game would be the only Final Fantasy related game that Square would be too ashamed to ever remake. If this is really remade I imagine he'll never stop facepalming.

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