Blacklight: Tango Down Review -

Gamervision's Jonathan H. Cooper writes, "Looking at a fact sheet, Tango Down appears to have everything it needs to succeed. There are 12 maps, seven game modes, a healthy number of unlockable weapons, some customization options, and even a few cooperative modes. The graphics, too, are passable for a downloadable game, even if they're not all that inspired. The problem is, despite having everything it sounds like it needs, it's missing what might be the most important element: fun. It's an often joyless experience, and there's absolutely no reason to pick it up over the dozens of other options on the market, even with the low price factored in. While it's 1/4 the price of a retail product, it offers far less than 1/4 the quality, and will likely leave most wishing they had spent their money elsewhere."

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hardcorez3058d ago

Gah, this game isn't impressing very many reviewers at all.