Starcraft II proves PC gaming is not dead

The massive pre-order success of the upcoming PC game Starcraft II shows that PC gaming is still alive and well.

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NYC_Gamer3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

pc gaming has never died only idiots log on forums and type out that non-sense

SactoGamer3009d ago

I'm in almost full agreement with you. If PC gaming were dead, retailers like GamersGate would be out of business.

Montrealien3009d ago

yep. As if we needed any proof of this common fact. I have been hearing this nonsense for over 15 years...

evrfighter3009d ago

wow 800k pre-orders at brick and mortar only?????

Jeezus christ.

I know about 5 of my friends pre-ordered digitally and nobody who got the physical copy.

TheIneffableBob3009d ago

800k pre-orders in the US only, too.

shoddy3009d ago

my video card is only 320mb, I know it's good enough for the game but the recomdended spec for best setting is 512mb videocard.

If I want full setting I need to spend around $100. That suck. I guess you'll need to upgrade your video card again for Star Craft 3 or Crissis 3.

Redrum0593009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

i wonder where conloles is at?

where ya at buddy?

Conloles3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Right here buddy, PC gaming never was close to being dead and never will be!

These preorders don't even count DD which would be even higher!

Shang-Long3009d ago

yea my friends and i notice that around 11:40 there was a line of fat ppl outside of moes. then we realized they were waiting at game spot. it didn't make sense up now

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GWAVE3009d ago

PC Gaming isn't dead, it's never been "close" to dead.

You think Wii has captured the casual market? PC has 4 times as many people playing Farmville and random casual Popcap puzzle games.

pangitkqb3009d ago

I mean, I honestly chuckle when I hear "PC gaming is dead" from some console exclusive fanboy.

Nihilism3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

"Starcraft II proves PC gaming is not dead"

Trying to justify PC gaming to morons who think about their consoles like others did back in the day of the earth....that it is the centre of the universe, is wasted effort. I'm more than happy for people to remain ignorant. Their posts fighting over a game running at 720p and 30 frames amuses me. I was running higher than 720p on my PC 10 years ago...

I have to say though, the hardware race pisses me off...I bought a gtx480 yesterday and I clearly have a major CPU bottleneck in some games....aka more costs :(. That said, it is a choice and a choice I made but I don't want to play gimped gaming...which is why I chose PC this gen. I owned all 3 last gen. gamecube was the best...yeah I said it.

But now here I am on the pinnacle of PC gaming for this year...starcraft 2 released, with no money to buy it after waiting 12 years...I feel like an idiot. Playing games smoothly doesn't count for much when you don't have money for the games.... :(


But HHG said Pc's are not capable of the same graphics as console's so it must be true, he is one of the most respected and most highly qualified gaming journalists in the business. /s

Lucasarts also said that...and just look at them, pioneers of innovative gaming.


mrcash3009d ago

It's not that it's dead, it's just that very few games are developed exclusively to really take advantage of the hardware available. Imagine what kind of game could be developed if it was tailored around an hd 5970.

Nihilism3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

That's true, but it's also true for all platforms. Exclusive games are on the way out. But exclusivity on PC doesn't count for much. Metro2011...a multiplat game, is the best looking game on PC. Just Cause 2, another very good game graphically, supports CUDA features and 32csaa in game. BFBC2, another game that supports DX11 features and 32csaa in game. Crysis 2 and RAGE...Doom 4 will also be a multiplat. It doesn't necessarily effect the quality of the PC version. Farcry 2 not only looked great in DX10 but is also extremely well optimised. They just need to update their development tools and engines then all will be right in the world once more.

FC2 is one of only about 5 games that have 128bit HDR


Regarding Starcft on was a very good game and played well on N64 too. even split screen was still managable. But starcraft is a relatively simple game in terms of game mechanics. Yes it is the most proffesionally played RTS games...but people play ping pong professionally as well, and as far as gameplay and rules go...that game is very simple, you can apply any degree of skill to the simplest things. I never played supcom on a console, but I imagine it would have been more difficult.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

That's it.

WetN00dle693009d ago

Ill be up and early tomorrow Morning Banging on BESTBUYS door to get myself a copy of the Collectors Edition!

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Poseidon3009d ago

i was just about to say that, pc gaming has never been dead, wtf!

KingKiff3009d ago

Well here on N4G one would be forgiven for think it died years ago with all the FUD articles saying it is dead.

I beat if you search "PC GAMING IS DEAD" up top you would find 100+ articles saying it was dead.

all BS though lol

Gamers FTW.


PC will never die, because PC have the community of Gamers bigger than PS3 and Xbox 360 Combined.

Consoldtobots3009d ago

righttt because every month we see a new pc title getting MASSIVE pre-orders.
As for all the pc fanboys in here saying it's not dead as a profitable platform for EVERY developer thou dost protest too much.!

Nihilism3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

last year when bioshock 1 had sold around 3 million, the devs said that over 1 million copies of bioshock were sold on pc @ RETAIL. Given that more than half of all PC sales are digital, and steam does not give out sales figures. I think it's safe to say it was significantly higher than that. BFBC2 sold more on PC than either PS3 or 360, again....only counting retail figures. I wouldn't be suprised if it sold 2x as much @ digital. There is a reason BF3 is rumoured to be a PC exclusive.

Crysis on PC sold 3 million copies...and 99% of PC gamers didn't even have Pc's that could run it within 2 years after release...

all of this is in the face of piracy. PC is thriving more than you know...but you don't know much so that's nothing noteworthy.

How many copies did UC2 sell again...2.5 million? A PS3 exclusive, funded and created by a sony first party developer....sold less than an unplayable PC exclusive with piracy....yep. All the signs are pointing in favour of your argument....clearly...

KingKiff3009d ago

Nice to read a comment that actually had a person with a brain (that uses it) type the words...

I'm not even bothering to argue anymore why PC gaming isn't dead or dying.........

It doesn't matter what reason they come up with this time.

TheLeprachaun3009d ago

It's not dead, just way less popular than it used to be in comparison to console gaming. If it were dead though, which it's not, the article doesn't really make sense. One successful game on a platform does not mean that platform is alive and kicking.

Poseidon3009d ago

have a cigar leprachaun

TheLeprachaun3009d ago

Ok, I quite like cigars. :)

TheIneffableBob3009d ago

No, it actually is more popular than it has ever been. There aren't as many big AAA PC games anymore, but PC gaming has grown hugely in other sectors such as in games that are small and simple. That market, made up of games such as Kartrider, Farmville, and Combat Arms, is made up of hundreds of millions of users. Kartrider alone has 230 million registered users.

dktxx23009d ago

but who cares that there are millions of people playing farmville? do u really want all games to become that. i think when we talk about pc gaming, we are talking about gamers who buy serious budget games. when people say that pc gaming is dead, they're referring to that market, not the website minigame market.

and isnt that the sector pretty much everyone one this website wants to be healthy?

TheIneffableBob3009d ago

Combat Arms is an FPS similar to Counter-Strike and Kartrider is a kart racing game similar to Mario Kart. Both are standalone games that you have to download to play, not browser-based games.

No, I don't want all games to become casual, and that's not going to happen. But to leave out such a significant market seems odd to me. There is a lot of money to be had in this market; for example, there was a report a couple months ago that said, if I remember correctly, Farmville players spend an average of $20-30. Multiply that by the tens of millions of players who play the game and that's a lot of money. The more "hardcore" games like Maplestory are doing pretty well, too. The revenue of the company that develops that game is 650 million USD.

While the core gaming market on the PC is smaller than the consoles combined, it's still doing well. Far from dying. There are still many multi-million selling games, and some of them are even from small companies and/or are new IPs.

GrilledCheeseBook3009d ago

you know if it was dead then I wouldn't see how digital download services like Steam, D2D, impulse and GOG could survive. They must have some source of income and if publishers are willing to have their games on pc then their must be a market that buys them

led10903009d ago

npd said that digital download account for nearly 50% of pc game sales. That says a lot. And Pc is not dying. Its just that there are not as many games to appeal to the new wave of gamers. And the console culture is spreading fast. Today you find consoles in a lot of homes in america. We want what we see and these days kids get to see a lot of consoles. But little do they know how much the pc rules.

SactoGamer3009d ago

I remember when Electronics Boutique was all about the PC. Not just gaming, mind you, but PC software and hardware in general. I bought my first copy of Microsoft Word for Windows'95 from there. Then GameStop bought the company and things went to shit. It's almost impossible to find PC anything there -- it's all overpriced console crap.

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