Other Fighting Game Crossovers We'd Like To See (Gameplaybook)

Now that Street Fighter vs. Tekken is official, Gameplaybook has some suggestions for other fighting game crossovers that would be awesome. Mortal Kombat vs. Spawn, anyone?

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Game-ur3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

"Soul Calibur vs. Samurai Showdown" This needs to happen.

But the biggest one is missing from the list, it's "Marvel vs. DC" from Capcom.

darthv723059d ago

sam shodown and soul calibur would be nice. Sega should bring back their fighters mega mix and put that up against what namco has to offer. Basically...sega vs namco.

The ultimate free for all would be capcom vs snk vs sega vs namco vs tecmo

zeeshan3058d ago

Street Fighter vs Mortal kombat and nooooo, we don't another MK vs DC crap. SF4 vs MK would be cool especially with MK characters and some evil SF characters being able to perform a fatality! Now THAT would be awesome!!!

MariaHelFutura3059d ago

Bushido Blade vs. Anything.

1 hit kills FTW. I want a PS3 version of Bushido Blade w/ online. I`d be all over that.

DelbertGrady3058d ago

Either that or Kengo: Master of Bushido. Great game in the same vein as Bushido Blade. It's been a long time since we've seen a fighting game that tries something different. That's why I've lost my interest in the genre. Back on the PS1 you had titles like Bushido Blade, Tobal and Ehrgeiz that tried to push the genre into new directions. Then the evolution just seemed to stop.

Game-ur3059d ago

Imagine Bushido Blade with move in full HD, the recent tech demos proved this is possible.

It would have to be in 3rd or 1st person, in online mode there could be a free for all, a skilled player can take on multiple opponents Musashi style.

MariaHelFutura3059d ago

That`s what I`m sayin.

Someone needs to make this happen.

Quagmire3058d ago

Spawn needs a rebirth into another media genre. The film was crap, so a reboot could work, however, would prefer a game similar to Arkham Asylum style.

QUICK! Someone ring up Rocksteady studios and see if they cant secure gaming rights to spawn!

NJShadow3058d ago

That's essentially the coolest image I've ever seen accompany a story on N4G. Spawn = Awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.