The Advent of Starcraft 2: A Personal Reflection

It's been a long time since Rick Knight played the original Starcraft and its expansion. This Tuesday's release of Starcraft 2 called him back to how different his life was back then.

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admanb3008d ago

Please don't remind me how old I've gotten... :(

bearsfaan3008d ago

You're old! Oh wait, so am I. :(

Sadie21003008d ago

OMG, I was going to say the same thing. Heck, I even played some Starcraft 64 back in the day...and that came out AFTER Starcraft PC!

Gungnir3008d ago

Back then, I was out of college and struggling to find a job. Now I have a career, a wife, and a child. I'm almost afraid to play the new one, because I don't want to go back...

moe843008d ago

Back then, 1998... I was in Middle School....

Spent a day or so this last week going back through SC/BW. Fond memories and a refresher course on the story. I'm gtg for tomorrow. The UPS Truck usually doesn't come by my house until the mid to late afternoon. Hopefully, the delivery gods will shine some love light on me and drop my package off in the a.m!

Go go Collectors Edition!

Tolkoto3008d ago

I'm usually not a fan of RTS, but even I have been bitten by the SC2 hype bug.

Zinc3008d ago

This article touched me... deep down... where I'm cold like a woman.

Seriously though, it's been a while friend. I'll bring the pizza and ice cold coke, you bring the memory making.

And someone somewhere will be forming the head.

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