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Why the Pros Play Xbox LIVE

DualShockers writes

"What games offer the best online experience? The answer: competitive games. Sure games like Resident Evil 5 and Left 4 Dead offer some great experiences, too, but online (console) gaming really thrives off of the competitive games. I can look at my Xbox LIVE friends list right now and the majority would be on Modern Warfare 2. And no, just to clear things up, they are not friends that I met on Modern Warfare 2. So now that it has been established that online gaming is tailor made for the competitive, which system has better competition? Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE, or Playstation 3 and PSN? The answer: Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE."

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Community4876d ago
GWAVE4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

For shooters, yeah, Xbox LIVE is more competitive because (DUH) a larger percentage of the fanbase plays shooters. This article just comes off as yet another "I pay $50 a year for something other platforms get for free, so let's justify it!" rant.

The title should have been "Why the Pros play PC" if the author wanted to use that logic.

iiprotocolii4876d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Your logic seems to be out of whack, sir. Consoles have become *a* mainstream in competitive gaming. Sure, there ARE definitely PC games (StarCraft, FPS games, etc) that are played immensely by pro gamers. But PC games never grasped the *console* gaming community with respect to competitiveness - which is a far different niche at this juncture this console gen.

The article isn't coming off as you're advertising. It's basically stating why Pro *console* gamers prefer Xbox 360 to the PlayStation 3, which is very much true this generation. And the reasons listed, although arguable, are the reasons why the majority of people tend to choose Xbox Live over PSN when it comes to specific online games. From what it seems, you're taking it as an attack on the PS3; This isn't the case. This article isn't attacking the PS3's online service; instead, it's stating why a group of gamers favor the 360's service.

I own both systems. There are games I prefer to play online on the 360 and there are others I prefer on the PS3. I tend to sway on the 360 when it comes to games like MW2 simply because the ease of communication and my personal preference to its control design for those type of games.

LOL @ disagrees
Any takers that it's the PS3 brigade handing them out because they hate when people prefer something other than their console? Sad to see that gaming has become so diversified between the community, rather than a unifying mutuality between people who just love playing games. *sigh*

BeaArthur4876d ago

You can't take what he says seriously, he's a PS3 troll. Whether the article makes valid points or not wouldn't matter to him (he probably didn't even read it).

RedDead4875d ago

I agree, Live is better for communication/party chat etc but there's just no games that I want to play for it anymore. For example, MW2, i'm finished with COD for good, i'll not get one again. There is Reach and MAYBE Gears 3 but that's it. I'll get a month of live for Reach but that may be the end of live for me.

Independent_Charles4875d ago


atleast you gave a respectfull reason without trolling and that i will bubble you up for evan though i dont agree with it, but that the beauty of PERSONAL OPINIONS. something this site cant seem to grasp due baby mud fights and people wasting there lives trolling internet forums. :)

yess4875d ago

This article owned it self so bad.

If you are a pro, you are in a clan, and every one in the clan have headsets.
If you are a pro, you most likely also have a good headset, with no concern of price.
If you are a pro, you will will have a good internet connection, and a talk with your ISP, and have a pro setup of your router to eliminate any lag or disconnect.

I have all of the above, and are enjoying games like MW2,MAG, Warhawk and many many more, on my PS3, without any of the problems in this bull article.
Most of my clan members have a PC/ Laptop and Skype to further enhance the communication.

Game on

secksi-killer4875d ago

but i bet you have been mowing extra lawns to pay for playstation plus though?? pathetic little idiot you are.

i pay for live, have done since 04, and will continue in the future! at the moment i dont need playstation plus coz i can still play my ps3 on-line.

but when the day comes that i have to pay to use my sony console (ps3 or ps4) online, i will pay! simple as that. i dont need stupid wrote for hits articles telling me anything, i dont need idiotic fanturds sony or xbox telling me anything either. xbox live is worth the money, and luckily at the moment on-line play is free on the ps3, but i would pay none-the-less

hennessey864875d ago

you do make some good points but the artical is just pure flaimbait xboxlive has its good points so does psn. I prefer xboxlive for the simple reason that all my friends are on xboxlive and dont have ps3

ExplosionSauce4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Who are the "Pros"? These people?

Both systems do the same thing online. So because I pay $50 a year it automatically makes it a "premium" service? They're nit picking to justify their choice.

Just because "everyone" has mics in XBL doesn't necessarily make it better.
I don't want to hear a whole bunch of d-bags blabbering on loudly.
There is plenty communication in PSN. And I end up muting most of the people anyway!
The only people that I care about having mics, are my friends and the people in my party.

As much as I enjoy playing on the 360 from time to time, I can't stand dumb articles like this. Most of the stuff he mentions don't even affect online gameplay.

PS. He used "Pros" and "MW2" in the same sentence. Really? Yeah, with the amount of skill MW2 takes to be a "pro". This article is totally valid... s/

RedDead4875d ago

I think when he means pros he's talking about competitive play. MW2 just isn't the same without listening to your enemies either bitch and moan or say"wow, good shot man". There are ALOT of annoying people on Live but there is also alot of nice people who can talk normally, team play and most importantly, they're able to die and laugh about it.
I dunno about Psn I haven't really got into anything online except Demons souls and KZ2 for a while, I also play the Warhawk demo from time to time(i'll buy it eventually)

PoSTedUP4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

@ article- i dont understand how it labels "lag problems" for ps3 as facts, just sounded like it wanted to candy coat the article a little bit more with made up BS. from what i understand the psn runs on dedicated servers and the 360 has more lag and disconnections? also if there are professional gamers out there, dont professional gamers play amongst themselves? leading to everyone communicating with a mic no matter what, because they are professional? and if anything games like MWF2 are casual games, halo3 casual etc.

so imo, it depends on the games. there may be more communicating on MWF2 on 360 then ps3, but that is not a hardcore professional game to begin with. socom on ps3 is highly competitive with or without mics (but almost everyone has a mic). gears2 is more professional then MWF2 due to no aim assist (but oops that game lags like crazy).

i agree tho that more people communicate on MWF2 on 360 then ps3 (as well as bfbc2 etc)

but it also comes down to the games and gamers, the real professional gamers play amongst other professional gamers, so therefore everyone will have a mic no matter what. just because the 360 takes 40 hours to verify another account doesnt mean people arent making multiple accounts lol so you can throw that theory out the window bc it just as well may be just imbalanced as psn. so the games, socom and mag, military shooters, no auto aim, strictly team based, mics etc. those are real competitive games, games with auto aim are for casuals like halo3 and MWF2. counter strike is still played professionally also. i guess a more competitive person would want to communicate more on 360 but that dosent make the PROS prefer it anymore then the psn. and trust me ive had my fair share of halo and mwf2 matches on 360, not everyone has a mic (more then the psn) but that just leads to more little annoying kids on XBL, so if you mute them... psn and xbl might as well be even with how many people care about the game and winning. and thats besides the face that almost all of them are not pros.

"Sad to see that gaming has become so diversified between the community, rather than a unifying mutuality between people who just love playing games. *sigh*"

a unifying mutually community would be booring and not normal for people not to debate and have different opinions. do you want this to be pleasantville or something? sooori but thats hippy talk imo. we love to play games and talk and debate about games here etc. not everyone is perfect and not everyone can be right. but one thing is we love n4g for what it is, we know at the end of the day we are all gamers and are passionate about gaming in general. you have to understand that a lot of us are young kids too, you dont know who, but understand that you are going to see immaturity here, its part of human nature. no one is better then anyone else on this site, except for that guy GWAVE maybe (lol jk bro ; )

ShinMaster4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

That's pretty good point.

Well said too

Nice troll attempt. PS-Plus has nothing to do with online gaming! It's a completely separate and optional service.

And how come I get a get a better connection on PSN than XBL? Explain that.

DelbertGrady4875d ago

You can't have competitive play without people using headsets.

I mean try playing Rush or Conquest mode in BF BC 2 in a squad without a headset. Half of the fun is using tactics, storming the bomb at the same time etc. It's needed against more skilled players.

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Ninferno4876d ago

yeah it even stated console online gaming.

StbI9904875d ago

Dreamcast says hi...pc says hi... it didn't start it, it just made online get a place amongst consoles, and it deserve some applaud.

shoddy4875d ago

Bottom line If you play something a lot you'll get good at it.

One thing I don't understand is why is some people say live have better experience since the only important thing about gaming online is just to be able to play online.

RedDead4875d ago

Nah thats not true, being able to play online is the bare minimum of an online gaming service these days. Being able to communicate with people, check their rank, personal profile etc is a better experiance than just playing online. Live does this stuff just better. For examle when someone sends you a message, you press the middle button once and it pops up with a reply button, quick and easy. You have private party chat of up to 8 players too. You get an achievement, press middle button and again it pops up explaining what you did. Also everyone has a mic.These few things are what what mkes Live just an easier more fluid experiance than Psn. Although as i've stated already , i'm finished with it after Reach.

Something that annoys me is the amount of times my mic has broken, i've had about 6 replacements now since 06 maybe even more. MS xbox division suck with Hardware really/.

Double Toasted4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

True dat!!!

ASSASSYN 36o4875d ago

We know gwave. Anything that does not conform to your indoctrination that if it isn't free and ps3 it fails. You don't have to report it in every comment.

n4gno4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

People, who don't even know psn, or play multiplayer games only on xbox, wants to find hard a reason to continue paying, even if it's dumb ("pro gamers" what a joke, they are playing most of the time old games on pc)

by the way, psn/xbl, It's exactly the same thing for multiplatform games ! (and often better for exclusives on ps3, with dedicated servers, and user content !)

*wireless communication is more cumfortable, and for people talking about other penible players crying in the headset, you can always mute them in game ! (crosschat is sometime a good thing, for bad multiplayers options games, but a game killer for great games with perfect online)

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 4875d ago
Ninferno4876d ago

wow for real? I play Modern Warfare 2 on Ps3 and im probably better than all of you

shoddy4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

I like to play with sucky people so I can own them.

In 2 mil people online you can't just say they all suck or all pros.

edhe4875d ago

Nah i'd easily rip you up.

Millionaire4876d ago

No wonder their single player games are hurting...

shoddy4875d ago

Seem they only care to play multi player shooting.

ASSASSYN 36o4875d ago

How dare devs for xbox play to the strength of the console by making shooters that sell. How dare they! Oh money.

bustamove4875d ago

Wow, you missed the point. Microsoft should be focusing on a balance between the two. That's what Sony does on a daily basis.

Poseidon4876d ago

must be frusterating, with a lack of dedicated servers and all.

MiloGarret4875d ago

How so? Considering most console-games with dedicated servers result in lag for A LOT of gamers. BFBC2 LAG, KZ2 LAG, UC2 LAG, Frontlines LAG etc. I have 100/100 mbit btw..

The only real benefit is the lack of host-advantage and the abscence of lag-switching and things like that. Then again, I'm probably talking to someone who doesn't even own a console.