ZTGD: Young Thor PSP Review

Cat writes: Thor is a manly god. He has a hammer. He crushes stuff with it. He calls down lightning and wields it with his manly, crushing hammer. In Young Thor you play as the childlike version of this masculinity, with a character that has more in common with Link than a Norse deity. Why? Because cel-shaded children with lightning powers are fun to be around.

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Baltis3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Got it. Meh, it's alright. Better than "Monsters Probably Stole My Princess" but that isn't saying much. Minis are very hit and miss and very overpriced. These games should be 2.99. All of them. We can't have demo's for them, given how small they are, I understand that, but we should have trailers and pics and descriptions of everything on the PSN store. That should be mainstay. With that being said, I don't think I'll be burning anymore money on minis.

GuruStarr783008d ago

Monsters probably stole my princess is better and quite addicting when you really get the hang of the gameplay and try to get gold on every level......I think MPSMP is really the definitiion of what a mini should be.

sorceror1713008d ago

...but not above a little cross-dressing. :)

Seriously, those old legends are *way* weirder than most people would credit. Somehow I doubt *that* story made it into the game, or the upcoming movie... :)

despair3008d ago

lol true but it was kinda funny also, would be good humour if included in a game, imagine dressing up like a woman then eating a whole ox and drinking 3 barrels of mead all to get back him hammer, the whole story would play out like a comedy.

ifhd3008d ago

I thought it was a video review.