LIMBO: Nihilism has a game (ZTGD Review)

Cat writes: Not sure what it is about video games, but we like to play as little boys. From Link to ICO to this nameless little guy, the boyish avatars have met with successively darker struggles. Limbo places you in a fuzzy, black and white nightmare with little explanation and no instruction other than the compulsion to run right. Off-balance from the start, you are quickly introduced to the game's cruelty the first time you explore just a little too much - and are rewarded with brutal execution.

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whitesoxfalife3059d ago

you know the first thing i thought of was ICO. I was trying to get everybody to buy this game, some couldn't get the grasp of this game me i love this to death still got a few points to snatch up....its funny how the young gamers don't know about the vast majority games the PS2 had in its collection, and ICO was another great game that overlook But Limbo is like this generation's ICO i really hope they come wit more add-ons or just make a full blown 360 it sell millions, ive been keeping a check on who bought the game in the leaderboard its at um close to 200,000. wow u guys gave it 8.5 no no no but its your opinion

DaBadGuy3059d ago

Limbo was great it really did sort of creep me out. It screwed with my senses. When I kept walking and the spider's legs jumped out at me for the first time out of nowhere I gasped. There were a lot of moments like that where I would walk and something would appear on the right side of the screen and i would just stop to look at it. The game was great. It's definately comparable to Braid, if not better.

ger1013059d ago

Christ, I want this game so bad!!

DAS6923059d ago Show