Grumpy Gurevitz: How to save a Seal

Grumpy Gurevitz writes: Nintendo’s ‘seal of quality’ has traditionally been a badge, which reassured customers that software for their platform wouldn’t crash or damage their console. It was never meant to be a badge to guarantee the quality of the software. Yet, over the years, due to the large volume of quality titles that were released on Nintendo systems, it developed a following for meaning just that. The issue Nintendo currently faces is that aside from their first party titles and a minority of third party games, the majority of content being released for the Wii and DS is awful. This at a time when you can get plenty of awful software for free on the Iphone platform or quality high end content on other consoles. This software consumes the shelf space allocated for the Wii at retail and is skewing the public’s perception of what the Wii and DS stand for.

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SactoGamer3189d ago

I remember all the shit that Tengen went through back in the 1980's in relation to the official Nintendo seal, only to make their own signature black cartridge games. They had some pretty good ones, too.

scruffy_bear3189d ago

Nintendo’s seal of quality really did help Nintendo in the early days after the 1983 game's crash

Cubes3189d ago

It's such a shame the Wii and DS have succumbed to the wave of shovelware forced upon them. And even worse that folk are buying these (so called) games! Games like Super Mario Galaxy 2 show what can be done with a little tlc. But only Nintendo seem to be ploughing that furrow alone.

ChickeyCantor3189d ago

You could say that the DS is in line with the PS2 library respectively to the device itself.

There are enough games that overthrow the shovelware.

Jim Crikey3189d ago

Come on Nintendo, recapture the glory days!