Master Chief Is Irrelevant To Halo, And Here's Why...

NowGamer: Let’s sum up the aging 'Master Chief as a character' debate in a single paragraph and move on...

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MariaHelFutura3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I`m not into Halo and I don`t pretend to be. But judging by the people who LLLLLOOOOVVVEEEEE Halo, Master Chief seem pretty import to them and the series.

GWAVE3007d ago

It's a good article. Master Chief has no personality or interesting qualities whatsoever, but it is fun to play as him in the games, so as long as you can just be a cool soldier, it shouldn't make a difference.

Redgehammer3007d ago

disagree,(more with article than with you Gwave) the Master Chief is integral to the series, and even more so if you have at least read the Fall of Reach book. I developed a much greater understanding and appreciation for Master Chief through that book. In halo 1-3, he is a man carrying the weight of a species on his back, the guilt of being a survivor, and the single-mindedness of a soldier on a mission. To me saying MC is irrelevent to Halo is akin to saying Gordon Freeman is irrelevant to the Half-Life series (which would just be idiotic to say).

m233007d ago

Once you have read the Fall of Reach, you would understand the importance of Master Chief and why he means so much to Halo fans. I agree with Redgehammer 100%.

pustulio3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )


It's like Mario is irrelevant to Mario series, Kratos to GOW, Marcus Fenix to Gears, Snake to MGS, Link on Zelda...

I think NowGamer Ran out of Top 10s and needed to waste peoples time on something else.

Thrillhouse3006d ago

Master Chief was humanity's last beacon of hope. Everyone looked towards him to win the war against the covenant. Now THAT'S pressure.

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Game-ur3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

First, he is a man of action not words, so his adventures define him not chitchat.

Then the guy wrote this "We couldn’t care less because Noble 6 is an equally vapid and empty character ".
Come on, let's stop pretending, we all know he is a greenhorn Master Chief.

And if they do a movie they better not show his face, like V for vendetta.

Redgehammer3007d ago

that sounds I do not believe that to be possible. During the fall of reach Master Chief was involved in his on fight and really couldn't be Noble 6 since John 117 alaready commanded had his own squad.

SixZeroFour3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

marvel is already doing a comic series about master chief and how he was brought up...they showed his face (in comic form) there, so it WILL be revealed

Blacktric3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

"This paragraph, in fact; Master Chief has the personality of an IKEA shelf."

Enough. Master Chief has more personality than most of the douchey game heroes or villains out there. Just because we can't see his expressions since he wears a mask or doesn't talk too much doesn't mean he has no personality. Watch how his relationship grows with Cortana, or how he feels when Johnson dies and how he expresses it.

jimmins3007d ago

Only say that because that's as far as you read. The article makes some very good points about what makes Master Chief and Noble 6 so great. Try reading the whole thing for a change.

MisterNiwa3007d ago

You made me laugh bro.

But, hey, of course Master Chief is the most passionate video game hero of all time!
His personality is overflowing with emotions.


In the end, Master Chief is a name for a character that resembles YOU and nobody else.
If you think Master Chief is the best, then you are just believing in the character you played because you played him with the feeling that YOU are Master Chief.

I guess this is a little bit too hard to understand for some people.

Blacktric3007d ago

Wow look you guys. We got another d*ck at N4G who thinks silent personal attack is going to prove him right. I've never said anything about Master Chief being the most passionate video game character. You just made that up from your a*s like your kind always do.

Kingdom Come3007d ago

Is essential to the Halo Franchise...Nuff Said.

tplarkin73007d ago

Master Chief = Halo

Halo without Master Chief is like Gotham City without Batman.

Millionaire3007d ago

Master Chief is Halo...the same as Snake is MGS.

tdogchristy903007d ago

I would have to agree, halo without master chief or mgs without's like a mario game without mario lol.

MisterNiwa3007d ago

If you mean, a Main Character, then.. well I guess you are right.

But as a person? Nah.

The Meerkat3007d ago

Master Chief has kicked ass countless times.
Saved the Earth and the Galaxy.

Does he not deserve a promotion?

Although Lieutenant doesn't have the same ring to it.

RedDead3007d ago

He's actually the highest rank in the Navy, Master chief petty officer isn't it? Ranks in Halo are a little differant to real ife I think.

palaeomerus3007d ago

Top enlisted rank (E-9). He's not an officer.

fortehhordes3007d ago

Halo: ODST and Halo Wars are the lowest selling of the franchise, and the lowest ranked by critics and users, of the series. So it seems Master Chief based Halo titles sell not only more, but rate better as well.

Dlacy13g3007d ago

Halo Wars was an RTS game that did very good numbers for an RTS game on Console. The Halo name is what helped the game acheive great numbers. Yes it may have been lower in sales than the previous Master Chief games but RTS on consoles have always struggled. Halo Wars was the first to actually have success.

Halo ODST. By all accounts... it was a bit of a filler game and the media jumped all over ODST (as they should have) for being a bit too short and not really feeling like a full game. ODST suffered because it wasn't really a full release even though they charged $60 for it. And despite being hammered by the media it still put up really good numbers considering all the negativity around it.

Now we have Reach which is already racking up the pre-orders and its still 2 months out! Reach will be on par with Halo: 3 numbers for sure...and quite possibly surpass all given how well its being pumped by the media so far.

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