The Good 3D, The Bad And The Nauseating

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku: I have finally played PlayStation 3 games in 3D. Three of them. I was impressed; I felt ill. More of the former. Some of the latter.

My big 3D chance occurred last week at a showcase event for most of the big games coming to the PlayStation 3 and PSP this holiday season. Imagine a floor the size of a fast food restaurant full of PSPs, PS3s, people carrying trays of hors d'oeuvre, lots of game journalists, bunches of spokespeople, and, mostly near the walls, 3D TVs, fancy 3D glasses near them.

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Anon19743103d ago

We know all about this. Hell, first person shooters can make some people feel sick. The whole problem is your brain sees 3D and thinks it's real, but the other senses that would bely the body is in motion are missing - causing the brains of some to short circuit. I understand just taking a break will calm the brain down, and over time the brain will just figure out that it's ok to see 3D images and not feel the body moving. Just like people who get sea sick can overcome the dizziness and nausea with a can a ginger ale and more boat trips.

zootang3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

"The idea is, I think, that if we watch enough content in 3D, everything that isn't in 3D will look bad, the way standard definition TV looks so cruddy to those of us who have been looking at HD TVs for a few years"

This sums it up for me

ArchangelMike3103d ago

I was gutted to find that a 3d tech demo made me feel really sick. I hope it was the angle I was standing, and not that I can't play 3D games. :(

WIIIS13103d ago

3D is a gimmick that won't last imo.

Poseidon3103d ago

your a troll whose bubbles wont last imo.

mrv3213103d ago

This isn't the Kin, Vista or HD DVD post.

Boody-Bandit3102d ago

mrv321 throws a haymaker and hits him square in the jaw.
WIIIS1 is down and he isn't getting up.


i really want to get 3d the thing that is putting me off tho is not wearing glasses but how they make the colours look darker as if wearing tinted glasses, i need to try it out again in my local sony store but hopefully this problem will be overcome buy then time i get a tv in feb

nolifeking3103d ago

I remember when Blair Witch came out and people were vomiting in the theater because of "motion sickness".

SupaGamer3103d ago

Had some friends that had difficulties watching Cloverfield.

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The story is too old to be commented.