Mafia 2 ain't no blockbuster - here are 5 reasons why

Mafia 2 won't be commercially successful like Red Dead Redemption. The game won't be a blockbuster and videogameszone is giving you 5 reasons why.

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Kingdom Come3058d ago

Look's incredible, Day one.

knight6263058d ago

is this article comparing red dead vs mafia 2??? of course we see the winner here red dead...lame article comparing red dead with mafia 2 pre-orders...i think mafia 2 is going to be a good game and will sell good after it releases

ExplosionSauce3058d ago

The author is trying a little too hard.

gijsbrecht3058d ago

For a second I thought we had another Pachter prediction here.

raztad3058d ago

MAfia 2 is looking brilliant. Never played the first. I'll get the second for sure in due time. I actually love the fact it's more story focused than the typical GTA-like game.

Xof3058d ago

Am I the only one bothered by the double negative?

Christopher3058d ago

You're not, and it's not the actual title of the article either.

comp_ali3058d ago

Because people like easy games. aka noobs

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The story is too old to be commented.