ExReview: Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Ex: Midway is no longer in existence, and fans of the long lost racer have been itching to make another splash. Well, my fellow boat racing, adrenaline junkies, the wait is finally over! The wonderful people at Vector Unit have decided to revive this classic and bring the Hydro Thunder love to Xbox LIVE Arcade. If you don't own an Xbox, this is a good reason to go and buy one. It's hard to imagine all of the greatness that was packed into the original Hydro Thunder (full retail) disc, could ever be matched on a downloadable arcade game, but Vector Unit has done the unthinkable.

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CrAppleton3191d ago

This game is flat-out amazing!

Neco5123191d ago

Looks great, I can't wait to try it

bgrundman3191d ago

I take it, that it looks better than the original?

Solidus187-SCMilk3191d ago

but I still have it for my DC so I probably wont get it.

CrAppleton3191d ago

I loved the original and this one is even better

Neco5123191d ago

hard to imagine that it could be better than the OG

bgrundman3191d ago

Damn, Microsoft is knocking it out of the park with the summer of arcade so far.

MorganX3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

XBLA in general. I'm still playing Geometry Wars, Magic The Gathering, Lode Runner, Poker. An Arcade with 1 - 16G Flash disk is all you need.

I moved all my Arcade games to flash disk just to try and they all load and run as well as from HD. I'm just using an 8G microSD. Even ran Demo of RE(5) and Darksiders without a hitch.

Good stuff Maynard.

DelbertGrady3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

First Limbo and now this. Xbox Live is the place to be. So much quality!

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