LittleBigPlanet 2 PS3 pre-order sales in top five

Pre-order sales for Sony Corp.’s LittleBigPlanet 2 for the Playstation 3 ranked in the top five sales at this week.

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Vojkan3058d ago

O God stop posting Amazon as some pre order/sales standard. We saw it so many times that it doesnt mean anything

GWAVE3058d ago

I pre-ordered the Collector's Edition yesterday at Gamestop. It's definitely worth the extra $20 to me.

psman0123058d ago

It is for all the extra stuff included ONLY for 20 dollars more is an amazing deal :)

gamerzBEreal173058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

lol guy good job u just paid $20 for a plush toy a bookend and 99cent skins :\

im saving the $20 for GT5

D4RkNIKON3058d ago

I am going today to put in my pre order for the Limited Edition LBP2!!

Anon19743058d ago

This is the second article that has a catchy headline and then the rest of the "article" is actually just multiple links trying to sell you something. And Vojkan is right, Amazon pre-orders don't really amount to much. How often have we seen some titles with "OMG! Pre-orders are 10 million," and then the game comes out - all those pre-orders vanish and the game sells just like any other game?

Not that I'm saying that there's no interest in LittleBigPlanet 2, I'm not. This will be a day one purchase for me - I'm just pointing out that Amazon sales charts in the past haven't been a reliable indicator of actual sales.

ji32003058d ago


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MajestieBeast3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

Amazon is surely more accurate then vgchartz. Just look at the approvers of the preorder chart.

green (2) | 2h ago
indiabest (1) | 3h ago
Clizzz (1) | 3h ago
Al80 (2) | 2h ago
enkeixpress (2) | 2h ago
Omega4 (2) | 3h ago

How do 2 trolls with 1 bubble have 2 votes for approving articles?

bmw693058d ago

Why would Amazon be more accurate than VGChartz when VGC pulls data from Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, BestBuy, Target and all other major retailers?

MajestieBeast3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

Because it only tracks sales from Amazon so its 97% accurate or something never 100%. Vgchartz is just taking numbers out of a high hat and then when npd comes out they change it. Also allot of titles listed by vgchartz are way over the sales they have listed on vgchartz.

Vojkan3058d ago

lol vgchartz doesnt pull numbers from anywhere other then their a22 holes.
go ask them from where they get numbers and youll get banned.

ChronoJoe3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

Omega shouldn't be able to approve anything.

I'm not sure who the other troll you're referencing is though.


Gran Turismo 5, LBP 2, DC Universe.

Same release date for the 3 Games =).

despair3058d ago

actually LBP 2 is nov 16th, the other 2 are on the 2nd

Sikct9a3058d ago

^I love it! Some of the biggest games come out on the same day!

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