Dragon Age 2 Hands-On Preview from 2010 Comic-Con | writes, "Laidlaw then went on to announce that Dragon Age 2 would feature a new combat system. Gone would be the Frankenstein-like transitions between character movements, replaced by what was claimed to be a far more fluid system of control, character animation, and fighting. Interestingly, Laidlaw mentioned that Dragon Age 2 would not leave the tacticians out of the mix either - he noted that they want players to 'think like a general and fight light a Spartan'. This means that queuing up actions would still be present (which made me, as a PC gamer, breathe a bit easier)..."

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JelalTrueshot3009d ago

Sounds like they are dumbing the game down for the people in the cheap seats. If it turns out to be the Mass Effect 2 to their Mass Effect, than I would be okay with it.