The Playstation 3 is NOT the First or Only Console That Does 3D Gaming

Contrary to what fanboys seem to believe, the Playstation 3 is neither the first nor the only console that does 3D gaming. GamingBolt examines the history of 3D gaming on consoles.

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ElementX3190d ago

This article forgot to mention Sega Master System. I rented a game once that came with 3D glasses you plugged into the card slot in front.

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capjacksparrow3190d ago

When Sony announced the Move over a year ago G4 had an interview with Jack Tretton and he said (I'm paraphrasing) "We don't always have to be first, but we like to be the best experience." This applies to everything they do in my opnion. You think NES 3D is as good as PS3s? Not a chance. All ideas come from somewhere.

StbI9903189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

He stated a fact...

Can some one higlight me a console that DOES the same 3D the ps3 offer not being it THE right? no, so yeah he statement is pretty solid compared to the ps3 is not the only console that does 3D, but IT SURE is the only that does PROPER 3D and brought 3D a place to stay, did these others console achieved the same? no...right no...again!

So much hurt-ass here cus their xbox doesn't do proper 3D...nor even true HD, give us a break.

ElementX3189d ago

To be honest, I thought that 3D back in the 80s was better because it was brand new. There was nothing like it. You had 3D horror films, games, and what-not. These days 3D is being re-implemented. Truth is, 3D started back in the 80s or earlier. These days it looks better with the new technology, but it's just a revamp of 80s tech. People think Avatar is really awesome because it's 3D but you really have to stop and give props to the pioneers of the 3D movement.

n4gno3189d ago

you are so right !

gamingbolt : "Contrary to what fanboys seem to believe..."

biased site spotted ! :)

moparful993189d ago

Sony nor anyone else has proclaimed sony to be the first. Sony is the first to really get behind the tech and drive it forward but the author of this article can't seem to get past the fact that the name sony is behind it. It's just a warning sign that he's biased and I thoroughly ripped his rant apart in the comment section.. Him, and the myriad of other journalists that proliferate the internet are giving this industry a bad name for their poorly written articles..

jetlian3189d ago

3d started in the 50s not the 80s.

Dread3189d ago

Im hope this means that all you fanboys will stop complaining about Kenect being just a copy of the eye-toy

I means, suddenly when its Sony, its ok to copy....but when it was MS you all critiziced (and still do) Ms for copying the eye-toy.


moparful993187d ago

Nobody is leveling criticism at microsoft for borrowing heavily from the eye toy. Microsoft is being criticised because they came into e3 last year and proclaimed kinect to be revolutionary and the first controller free motion device. Which is far from true, so in turn we called foul and of course you and the ever faithful to the M$ monument have come in defense trying to leverage weak arguments against us.. Microsoft is full of more crap then a porta potty and you eat it up.. Move along.

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HeyImWiiTARDED3190d ago

I believe that game was Space Harrier.

Mmmkay3190d ago

google is so effing almighty!

raztad3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Rubbish article. Whoring for hits.

W/o reading it, not falling for the trap, Sly Cooper is a PS2 game and already has anaglyph 3D support. So this article FAILS, it's well known R/B 3D has been around for a while.

I find extremely ridiculous people putting anaglyph on the same foot than stereoscopic. That is totally ignoring the advance of technology.

gtamike3189d ago

First 3D with HD display settings for a console :)

Rusco873189d ago

...Could you repeat your self anymore, he/she says the same thing, worded differntly over 4 paragrahs. On another note, 3D gaming, and viewing in the home is along way from perfection. I think that head tracking should be the way forward for 3D gaming. Although a draw back is that only one person can view it at at time. But no glasses are required and it looks amazing, no 3dTV required either.

BenCrazy4243189d ago

Actually, the Vectrex was the first 3D console.

evilmonkey5013189d ago can do stereoscopic 3d with ANY source on any tv. All you need is the content to be stereoscopic. How utterly useless is this article. The ps3 doesn't even use stereoscopic 3d.

Author= failure

DigitalAnalog3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Try reading the comment section on that website and you'll see the author being so desperate to defend the honor of 360:

"Really? And just how is the Xbox 360 any weaker than the PS3? What tangible proof do we have?
Here, have a look at these:

PS3 GPU: 550 MHz Reality Synthesizer
PS3 CPU: Cell Broadband 3.2 GHz
PS3 MEMORY: 256 MB XDR @ 3.2 GHz, 256 MB GDDR3 @ 700 MHz, GPU can access CPU memory

Xbox 360 GPU: 500 MHz codenamed “Xenos”
Xbox 360 CPU: 3.2 GHz IBM PowerPC tri-core codenamed “Xenon”
Xbox 360 Memory: 512 MB GDDR3 @ 700 MHz shared between CPU & GPU
10 MB EDRAM GPU frame buffer memory

The Playstation 3 has bottlenecked RAM, that essentially kills any advantage it may have had over the Xbox 360.

And graphical integrity is absolutely subjective. There are many who would swear that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the best looking game of this game of this generation, and they would be right in their places. And yet SMG2 isnt even HD… wonder what you would say to them.

Finally, Microsoft HAS already demosntrated 3D games running on the Xbox 360, and on several occasions. Yes, all their games are pushed at 120 Hz as well"

Apparently he is also an expert in "Cell-based" processed development whereas many "other" 3rd parties are struggling with that knowledge.

-End statement

SOAD3189d ago

The only objective graphical specifications that make any difference is how many polygons either console can push per second realistically. Everything else you stated is based on developer talent. And no, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is not the most graphically intensive game.

DigitalAnalog3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

"Everything else you stated is based on developer talent"

Not me, I'm just quoting from the author's comments.

**It would be nice to have an inclusive "Bold" font feature to sort out different parts of the user's comments.

-End statement

jneul3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

funny because the x360 has the same amount of RAM, 2x256 = 512, funny because the 256 MB XDR @ 3.2 GHz is very fast and most exclusive, many people forget that the ps3 is not as gpu/ram reliant as pc/360, if x360 is so more powerful how come it still can't exceed uncharted 1 never mind uncharted 2, gow iii, heavy rain, and upcoming games like killzone 3 and infamous 2

Perkel3189d ago

yeah gears of war 2 is best looking 360 game. That tell everything..

wolfofashes3189d ago

I see how the kid is a complete microsoft fanboy with no idea about hardware whatsoever.Sony learned a thing or two with gamecube,there's no use having a great video card if your CPU can't handle all it's capabilities.There is no bottleneck on RAM,in fact with it's 512 megs of memory in wich 256 XDR memory clocked at 3.2 GHZ the Playstation 3 takes the advantage because it's massive advantage on speed.GPU and CPU CAN swap and access each other memory,it's a matter of coding.If you just look at simple wikipedia stuff like he did he won't know how Cell it's way waaaay superior to what the 360 have,and the Cell it's the only CPU on consoles that is able to do GPU stuff (not only equally but better,like MLAA).When we talk about VISUAL fidelity yes it's subjective HOWEVER when pointing out the best graphics TECHNICALLY there's nothing to argue about...Sony's Playstation 3 IS the most powerful console out this generation there is nothing to argue about,it's something we saw over and over again,but that does not mean games on other consoles can't evolve in All aspect.This new ''gamers'' are so shallow and stupid,they praise poly numbers on screen while they don't even know what they are talking about,and worse they talk about the technical side of things like it was going to downplay a game experience,if Miyamoto share the same idiotic thoughts with this morons,masterpieces like mario or zelda would have never being are not about graphics or tech it's all about great game design.

SOAD3188d ago

The PS3 can push more polygons than the 360 can. Stop talking about which console is more GPU intensive and which is more CPU intensive. The PS3, overall, regardless of what processor it uses to push the most polygons, can push more polygons than the 360.

Everything else comes down to developer design choices. If a game like Gears of War 2 can push more polygons than Uncharted 1, yet looks visually inferior, then that means the developer chose to use the polygons for something else or didn't use them well enough to get the higher quality textures.

And to reply to someone above, the 360 has boasted more visually intensive games than Uncharted 1 on the PS3. It's only a myth on this website that 360 hasn't had a game with Uncharted 1 graphics.

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spooky2053189d ago

everything that is "innovative" on consoles have been done on PC or atari long before nintendo, sega, sony, or microsoft even thought of developing a console. Motion controls? yep. 3-d gaming? yep. Multiplayer? yep. All tech being released today is more or less a more polished/enhanced version of innovative tech released years ago. This should not be a surprise to anyone except maybe delusional fanboys who believe innovation equals the console of their choice. The tech behind the toyota prius was invented almost 10 years before it saw the light of day in a production vehicle.

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pramath16053190d ago

I must say, while I already knew all of this, I find it incredibly interesting.
Hopefully, this can put a rest to the fanboys' incessant bragging.

WengYong3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Funny the author of the article is also named "Pramath."


EDIT: Nothing will ever stop fanboys incessant bragging. Not your article, nothing.

halocursed3190d ago

I knew it....Sony always copies stuff and I am looking at Playstation Move

izuna3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

haha =), that was really funny

alphakennybody3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I swear to god I saw a move prototype back in 2004 before the wii was even out.

here's the the vid and read the description.

HeyImWiiTARDED3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Sony had motion technology even before the Wii was released, but the concept and design of the controller were probably influenced by Wii's controller.

alphakennybody3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

they had this prototype working since 2000(before the wii was conceived)it was made public(mostly devs) in 2004.

moparful993189d ago

Sony and nintendo both dabbled in the 3dv tech, which is what powers kinect, and deemed it as limited tech and turned it down. Sony and nintendo both then began researching their own methods of motion technology and nintendo realized that in order to keep costs down and maintain healthy interest they needed a simplistic approach and it has worked wonders for them.. Sony has been developing their method since the intial concept of the eyetoy which helped to fund the ps eye which in turn evolved into the current more sophisticated variation that is now the move.. So yes sony has been working on motion controls for a long time but to say who did it first is a blurry and irrelevant fact considering the issue is that sony is copying the wii which they clearly are not.. Dr. marks has had prototypes of the wand since the ps2 days but it has taken a long time and alot of code to get it to where it is..

telekineticmantis3190d ago

3d gaming goes way back. Sony is just trying to bring it to another level. #60 fanboys should be the laast people talking about creativity. Atleast the playstation brought some original Ideas to the indusrty more than the xbox did. The 360s controller is a rip off, Xbox live is a rip off, Camera motion gaming is a rip off. The list goes on. Sony, nintendo, sega, and a few other companies built the industry. Microsoft just followed for the most part.

writersblock3189d ago

If nobody copied anyone else, then Sony and MS wouldnt be making consoles since thats copying Sega and Nintendo

mightydog013189d ago

move as been in devolopment for 10 year so dont come that crap dude the move tec is nothing like the wii........unlike the konnect copying eye-toy. But the best part is playstation move works unlike Konnect.....

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pramath16053190d ago

You'd be surprised at how many people don't know this.

DarkSpawnClone3189d ago

lmao i bet there all 12 years old.but yeah didn't we have a article like this last month lol

Colonel-Killzone3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Sigh who cares. I never believe I heard Sony saying they were the first. If I remember correctly I believe they said they are the best console to offer 3d gaming etc. Anyway who cares. Somebody does it first someone later take it and does it better thats how the world is anyway.

Anyway I could be wrong if so then feel free to correct me with a link or something thank you. Much appreciated.

mastiffchild3190d ago

As it's doing 3D in a totally different league to what they mention(and we all knew about anyway)and in a completely different league it's like someone comparing someone having the idea for B/W TV in order to criticise someone marketing their Oled screens. It's a different entity entirely in terms of the user experience AND the way it's done.

Using different coloured sweet wrapper glasses for 3D is not comparable in ANY way to what they're trying today.

Is the article really suggesting we should poo-poo HDTV and use our ancient black and white sets in order to stay with the originators of an idea? Itr makes little sense and is telling no one anything they didn't already know anyway.

When did anyone say Sony were the first people to make a 3D console game anyhow? Big fails all round on this one, imho. Do we have to rely on the people who invent the first one of anything for future inprovements? If so it's going to be a long process ever moving on again. Tech gets adapted and refined by a massive community of tech savvy companies and their boffins-it's always the way it works and God is in the detail, is he not? The idea of 3D is ancient and it just happens that Sony are the ones now leading the charge to make it an acessible, working tech in mainstream homes(taking, no doubt, inspiration from the things worked on in the PC world as well as TV,games and movies).

I just think this article answers and question nobody ever asked with things we all knew in the first place.

Dread3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Ok i agree
so this means that all you fanboys will stop claiming that Kenect is only a copy of the eye-toy, thus implying that they copied, as if it were a bad thing?

But now you all agree that 3D is a copy but are fine with it because they allgedly impoved on the technology.

I guess you will all disregard this since this is N4G and you all have double standards

Colonel-Killzone3188d ago

What double standards. I never said Kinect was a copy of the eye-toy. I don't care about that crap of who copy who. The only thing that concerns me about Kinect is 1 the price and 2 the games and how many will be truly "hardcore".