Top 10 greatest games ever created

First of all this does not represent everyones view, this only represent my view. But feel free to discuss my top 10 list or make your own top 10 list. I just like to share mine with all of you.

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Seijoru3104d ago

God awful list. God of war 2 and fable 2 in the top 3????? No mention of Zelda???


how did i know someone would mention that one. yea theyre on my top 3 because i love the games! plain and very simple. and zelda, no. ive played it yea but not as much as the games mentioned. so give me your top 10

hay3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

While I agree this is really terrible list in overall, in reality it's author's "My top 10" reflecting his own opinion, nothing above that. Which also means, we shouldn't really care about it on n4g unless author is someone important, and it doesn't seem to be like that.
Yet another Top 10 list without substance with little to no essential value to either article itself and resons why those games are the best.

Gow: "Cause if felt it was awesome!"
Mario: "Cause everyone says so, I played it a lot and can still play it today."
San Andreas: "Cause it's awesome sandbox, awesome story, sh!tload of missions."
Hitman 2: "Cause I think it's awesome!"
DotT: "Cause it's funny!"

It sounds more like a blog entry titled: "My top 10 favourite games"


n4g is filled with 'news' like this one. i make this list and its already 100 degrees tells me that there is people who wants to see this. if it was 10 degrees still i would agree with you that its of no use to anyone. but its climbing so why deny it. why dont you go pick on someone with articles that cant reach 100

PeterGriffinSays3104d ago

It should be called "My 10 favorite games of all time". You make it sound like this is "the" list with that misleading title. >_>

hay3103d ago

Se7en is actually right. You used luring headline which attracts people. Nobody would care about "my top 10". I'm pretty sure it would be reported as lame right away.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Press agree if this game is without a doubt one of the best games ever created:


@below: Are you the author? I'm sorry dude, but that is one of the worst "best games over created" list I have ever seen.


shadow of the colossus is actually a great game!! i just didnt give it enough attention when i first tried it

cheeto1013104d ago

Possibly worst list I have ever seen on n4g.....and you all know that says something


thats pretty harsh though but then again , youre not me ;)

PeterGriffinSays3104d ago

Somebody report this article. >_>

Colonel-Killzone3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Calm down children its his opinion damn smh lmao. Now people can't have their own list of their best games ever created.

He clearly states

First of all this does not represent everyones view, this only represent my view. But feel free to discuss my top 10 list or make your own top 10 list. I just like to share mine with all of you.

Stop bitching. Respect his opinion.

FiftyFourPointTwo3104d ago

I want to respect his opinion but Fable 2 in the top 3? LOL. C'mon man be serious.

Colonel-Killzone3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Again its HIS opinion. If thats what he enjoys then thats what he enjoys. Not everybody views will be the same as mines and also yours.

Lol N4G is full of idiots. Now we got people who wanna tell other people what their list should include. Honestly some of you are ridiculous. You can tell him what his list should include or what it shouldn't have but if someone was to tell any of you that crap most of you if not all would raise hell etc. Double standards is ridiculous bunch of hypocrites I witnessed today.

Yes disagree that he is entitled to have his own brain which some of you lack.

Colonel-Killzone3104d ago

I never played Fable 2 in my life, so your post fails. Get a life please.

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