Activision is Not the Enemy

"They’re not out to get you. They’re out to get your money. But that’s the same thing that every other publisher wants. It’s the same thing every other company in the world wants."

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Blaze9293189d ago

I don't really care what they do or whatever the problem is with everyone else. They still publish games I like from developers I like so I continue to buy the games. Developers shouldn't suffer because of Activision. These are peoples jobs at risk with these games they make.

Blur I'm especially surprised at with those sales numbers. Amazing game

nikkisixx23189d ago

They sure aren't the hero.

Conloles3189d ago

Activision is not the enemy, they are satan.

Mmmkay3189d ago

you forgot to change account before NOT trolling....

evrfighter3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Sounds like Activision has been paying for good press lately.


They are INDEED the enemy. To say otherwise makes you not a gamer. But a shareholder.

p.s Mkay what are you talking about? All I've ever seen Conloles speak is the truth.

iceman29293189d ago

Im a gamer and a shareholder :P
but seriously, i've been holding on to this pos stock for a few years now ( before the delay of starcraft was announced).

It is the most stagnant stock i've ever seen. After starcraft II + Diablo III , im dumping this thing... ( I've been wanting to get out for awhile, but it would be stupid to ignore the impact those two games might have)

Darkstorn3189d ago

All publishers are evil megaliths to greed and profit, it's just that some of them (Sony, for example) actually make great games.

Commander_TK3189d ago

EA and THQ r the real enemy. Basically every1 that charges for anything that should be free is the enemy

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raztad3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Well, first of all the only ACTIVISION game I own is COD4 bought for real cheap a couple of months ago. I'm not boycotting ACT though, is just I'm not interested in their games, they dont appeal to me.

Now, I can understand why some people are piised on ACT. This article is rubbish. I know ACT just want gamers money, but contrary to what the article says, people hate them because they are abusing some of the most popular franchises in the industry, overpricing and overmilking them, and as happened in he PC side, underdelivering a game w/o mod support or dedicated servers.

pippoppow3189d ago

Problem I've noticed is how most of the big sites will support devs and pubs over gamers. Its like they can do no wrong and gamers are made to look like complainers for no reason. Then you have those gamers who don't know or care about the ramifications of their actions or inactions. See first post.

Baka-akaB3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

there is nothing surprising about blur's sales . For starters it's an ok , good game , but not amazing from most people's and the press' opinions . It got released alongside much better and popular titles . I dont think i've seen anyone proclaim it's better than either split/second or modnation racers .

Very little to do with anti activision sentiment , and very much to do with their scheduling , and the quality of the game .

Persistantthug3189d ago

But I haven't bought a single game from them this gen....

Not 1.

I was going to buy COD 4 or 5 last year when my PS3 was pretty new to me, but, I ran into BATTLEFIELD: BC1 and I happened to get it instead.
Not sure if I made the ultimate right decision with BC1 back then or not, but I certainly did with BC2.....
so it all worked out in the end.

Besides, EA games use dedicated servers....soyeah...I'm good.

Agent-863189d ago

Me, too. I don't have a single Activision game right now, but have a ton of EA ones.

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Caspel3189d ago

I fear for Bizarre Creations. Blur didn't perform that well and they may suffer the same results of Raven Software.

lDevastator3189d ago

Activision can have my money if they make a great game, But when they start overpricing for DLC for that great game that gets on my nervs. Especially when they have made alot of money from that game.

Zafir3189d ago

The problem occurs when they start increasing prices on their games, and their DLC just because they can. I mean Modern Warfare 2 was retailed with an RRP of £54.99 in the United Kingdom. Compared with £49.99 which a normal game has an RRP price. More recently, Starcraft II, currently priced at £35-£40 at most stores, compared to a £25-£30 price tag on your average PC game. I'm not even going to get started on the ridiculous prices they are charging their DLC. It's just insane. Yes, other companys want your money just as much, but at least they do it in a more 'friendly' fashion.

3189d ago
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