GameZone: Hydro Thunder Hurricane review

"What Hydro Thunder Hurricane accomplishes so brilliantly is capturing the essence of speed all wrapped up in layers upon layers of breathtaking arcade action."

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Flinton3009d ago

Woohoo! Hydro Thunder! I have such fond memories of the Arcade and Dreamcast versions!

Jdoki3009d ago

Indeed indeed

Would probably never have bought the Dreamcast version if it hadn't come bundled for free when I bought the console.

As a direct result of that, over 10 years later I am very interested in buying HT:Hurricane!!

RockmanII73009d ago

Hey, I never played Hydro Thunder but I love Waverace. Are the two games similar?

Blaze9293009d ago

awesome. definitely going to check this one out

tmj3009d ago

Was always curious about this since i remember it from back in my arcade days.

Caspel3009d ago

Next up, Artic Thunder please.

bdavid813009d ago

It figures, at least one site always has to break the review embargo.

HarryMonogenis3009d ago

..break the embargo date? :/

rwallace3009d ago

Yup, they did break the embargo. What some won't do for a quick traffic hit. Wow.

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The story is too old to be commented.