IncGamers: Blacklight Tango Down Review

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani takes on the XBLA shooter Blacklight: Tango Down and tries to look at the game as a non-AAA title.

From the review:

"Like a girl in Accessorize, you can have earrings dangling off your gun's barrel, paint it like you would your nails. Do whatever you want. In reality though, there are customisable options which to make your guns a little better, but you really do have to pay attention to tailor your weapon the way you want it. And if you're not a huge shooter and for those that ilke a bit of stealth, you'll be able to snipe away."

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Djorgo3100d ago

So.. It's NOT triple A?

syrinx3100d ago

Thanks, wasn't sure about this, seen some mixed feedback on the game.