Most Wanted: Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

Star Wars fans rejoice! Starkiller is back and with him comes Clones, Bounty Hunters and Hundreds of Stormtroopers ready to get Force pushed into oblivion. Yeah we are looking forward to Force Unleashed 2 and you should to...

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GWAVE3007d ago

The first Force Unleashed was actually quite lame. It was incredibly bland and it underdelivered on so many of the developers' promises.

JBaby3433007d ago

I really liked the first. My only real gripe was there wasn't more DMM to have fun with. The force powers were incredibly fun and throwing around storm troopers just doesn't get old. The story was also quite good and tied in well. Graphically I was impressed because other Star Wars games have been bad in my opinion so I wasn't expecting much. There were a few glitches but my game actually glitched to where my force power meter never ran out so I'm not going to start complaining about glitches.

But to each his own. I still respect your opinion.

Hellsvacancy3007d ago

Most Wanted: Hitman V

Nah, ive still 2 play the Force Unleashed, its been on my rental pipeline since 4-ever, i wanna play it though

tdogchristy903007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I just can't make up my mind really. I love star wars so it would be natural to pick this up. I however have heard extremely mixed reviews on the first, kind of like splinter cell conviction I've heard it's a great game and I've heard it's horrible.

Although I will admit that boba fett trailer is nice.

So what do I do lol?

NovaXz3007d ago

I enjoyed the first force unleashed, even if it did have quite a few flaws. It seems like the devs have learned from their mistakes. Let's just hope they can execute everything to perfection this time around.

NYC_Gamer3007d ago

lucas arts should just let bioware make a real star wars single player

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