In the high definition horse race, it's HD DVD by a nose

Blu-Ray and HD DVD have been locked in battle for supremacy in the next-generation optical disc wars, but it has so far been difficult to compare the merits of both technologies in head-to-head tests. Both had rocky product launches, and when the first players were finally released, each had problems. Toshiba's HD DVD was crippled by long load times (now improved), while the Samsung Blu-Ray player was also no speed demon, and had some scaling issues to boot.

Until the same disc was released in both formats, though, accurate comparisons weren't possible. Now that Warner has released three titles on both formats, comparisons have begun in earnest. High-Def Digest was one of the first sites to take an in-depth look at Training Day, Rumor Has It..., and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Their conclusion? The nod goes to HD DVD.

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Gh0stDrag0n5391d ago

When the PS3 comes out I'm shure the quality will better. Sony's PS3 has the all powerful Cell, which makes it a super computer! Ken K says so and he is a god! Hd DVD just can not be better than BluRay it just can't......................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ............................... ......Sony has really screwed up this time.

speed5391d ago

I was really worried when reading this until I understood your sarcasm.

Watapata5391d ago

To be fair, Blu-Ray has more potential than HD-DVD from a technical perspective. From a cost perspective, right now HD-DVD is the clear winner, but that is also due in part to the huge subsidizing that Toshiba is doing. Blu-Ray can use the same codecs as HD-DVD and so once the dual layer discs come out it stands to reason Blu-Ray would have at least equal image quality, potentially better.

blackmagic5386d ago

Toshiba doesn't subsidize it's players. You only have to look as far as RCA for proof. RCA builds an HD-DVD player using the Toshiba reference design (ie Toshiba clone) and sells it for $499 also. This not only proves that the Toshiba/RCA player is not subsidized, it also proves that at $499 it is in fact PROFITABLE.

pRo loGic II5391d ago

HD-DVD will take it with out a doubt. Too many people have heard about the comparisons of the two players. People know and trust the tittle "DVD". Anybody that thinks people will massivly adopt $1000 dollar movie players is out if their mind. No video game console will have the numbers to sway the public to one format or the other. lol

TOM5391d ago

since I couldnt care less about dvd playback ,the big question is will these problems show on games for the ps3,While I im in the hd-dvd camp I still want the ps3 to be worth its 600 dollar price tag

Gh0stDrag0n5391d ago

It will not be worth the $600 price. If it was priced the same as the 360 sony would be king again. Problem is, Sony thinks it has a must have image. And everyone will buy their products reguardless of price or quality. If everyone thinks the 360 had a rocky startup, just wait. The PS3 startup will be a nightmare.

specialguest5391d ago

this article may be true, but since im buying a PS3 anyway, i'll have to stick to what i got. also, it's not like the quality of the movies are going to be terrible.

BIadestarX5391d ago

The world owe it to you. For your courage, risk taking and willingness to burn $600+. For the sake of the of smart buyers arround the globe a sacrifice bust be made; to test all these non-tested/unreliable technologies (Blu-Ray, CELL, Unknown Online Service, ETC). We thank you beta testers. In the name of the world I present you the “Riiiiiiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaaaaceeeeeeeer” medal.

specialguest5391d ago

well yeah the world does owe it to me. and give me my medal! that's mine!

anyway, $600 dollars is well worth it to me. im buying that PS3 for the games first and fore most, especially for the exclusives like FF series.

im also a movie buff and a home entertainment/media head. the standard bluray player ability on the PS3 is a plus to me. so the price is well justified.

BIadestarX5391d ago

I own an Xbox 360, and I will also buy the PS3 just for FF and MGS (if they are not released for the Xbox first). You see I want a PS3, but I will wait for the hardware to be considered reliable. If the PS3 wouldn't be using so many untested components I would buy it at launch. I didn’t mind buying a 360 at launch because I knew Microsoft customer service is fast (Based on my experience with them). I can’t say the same about Sony. My PS I had to put it upside down so games won’t skip, the PS2 drive died, my PSP came with 3 dead pixels (which are not covered for replacement). Sony is known to make crappy consoles; I have no reason to believe that will be any different now with so many untested components. I’m not bias against the PS3 or the games; I just gotten burn by SONY to many time. So this time (due to price) I will be more careful.

CAPS LOCK5391d ago

the torshiba HD-DVD player was sent back and improved, wile the samsung one still had its chip problems, so i cant really belive this article, i am not saying its biased its just that the player had chip problems.

RelloC5391d ago

... god forbid anyone prove bluray isn't living up to the hype.

andy capps5391d ago

"With only one Blu-ray player available, it is impossible to say whether the problem is caused by the transfer process or by the player itself."

slugg5391d ago

Isn't there only one commercial HD-DVD player available as well?

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