The radio-controlled Warthdog for those who pre-order Halo: Reach from Gamestop An exclusive offer
The Italian retailer Gamestop has recently included in its catalog available at this address an interesting promotion: for those who reserve a copy of the Halo: Reachstandard edition will receive a radio-controlled Warthdog model.

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crzyjackbauer3189d ago

but if its free bring it on!

SixZeroFour3189d ago

:O no fair, i preordered mine in canadas ebgames...which is owned by gamestop, but i dont get any freebies like this :( except for the freebies bungie is giving that everyone else gets

even some US owners that preorder from gamestop get a set of armor permutations that i cant get :( so not fair lol

ASSASSYN 36o3189d ago

WTH is a warthdog!? Damn google translator.