20° PC: What's in it for gamers?

MMGN: There is absolutely no denying it: the gaming world is currently caught up in realism and physical interactivity. Nintendo is continuing to research ways in which they can improve on their Wii Remote, which has offered the world a new way to game since late 2006. In seeing Nintendo's success, both Sony and Microsoft decided to develop their own motion-based controls. So here we are in 2010, eagerly awaiting the release of Playstation Move and Microsoft Kinect, anticipating how they will change our physical involvement with video games.
Yet, as our obsession for the physical exploration of virtual worlds grows, one question sticks in my mind: in an industry whose appeal is continually expanding to include casual consumers, how does PC gaming survive, given its apparent lack of gimmicks similar to that of each console giant?

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ICC_063009d ago

I guess PC is still the most "hardcore" especially for online gaming with WoW and CSS etc which haven't really been emulated on consoles.

kk13873009d ago

yeah, and the online communities within these games just seem a lot closer, too.

kevnb3009d ago

mostly due to lack of restrictions. I dont know how people can stand closed platforms for games.