No gimmicks for FIFA 11

FIFA's success in recent years has been down to a continued understanding of what fans want, rather than latching onto new marketing gimmicks and slapping them on the box. That's the word according to line producer David Rutter, speaking to earlier this month.

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DaReapa3006d ago

Team Tiburon should take note.

Senden3006d ago

How can he say he understands what the fans want? I'll believe it when they remove cheese custom formattions, custom tactics which abuse the 100/100 defense options and the people who constantly hold down the press button making the defender charge into the attacker like a battering ram. Don't even get me started on all the bugs in the game and the AWFUL post game launch support EA offer. While i'm sure fifa 11 will be great, I doubt it'll sort out much of what the fans have been asking.

Mmmkay3006d ago

are you pissed that people actually try to defend? it's a gameplay mechanic...!
manager mode needs a big revamp though.

enigmaticways3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

lol exactly why they will keep releasing the same bs every year with no fixes, cause idiots like you think its a gameplay mechanic. enjoy

enigmaticways3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Rutter and company (marcelo in charge of manager mode) are full of b.s. i remember when rutter and his crew use to be in the fifa 10 forums before the game came out telling all of us how they fixed the bugs in fifa 9 and how manager mode was fixed. lies all turned out to be lies, we had fifa 9 bugs plus alot lot more, manager mode omg was a disaster with the glitches, fifa 10 goalkeepers had gotten so bad you could play 90 minutes for all your might only to lose cause of stupid chip shots. or formations with 7 defender, oh did i mention the gks? this is how much rutter and them understand the fans, the same freezing from fifa 08 still is in fifa 10 probably bad programming or the engine they are using so expect it to continue in fifa 11. oh by the way rutter where were you after we were telling you guys about the bugs no where to be found thats where. as much as i hate mw2 look at how many patches they have released to try to fix their issues, you guys at ea fifa just gave us the excuse of oh sorry deal with it until fifa 11. and for the reviewers of fifa 11, how about you guys actually try playing the game before giving out scores of 90+

Baka-akaB3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

The claims alone seems like a gimmicks . Plus they do use gimmicky name at least for their feature .
Seriously personality + , you give a name to your soccer IA and stats system ?