Cradle Of Rome 2 scheduled for fall 2010

The release date of Cradle of Rome 2 which was scheduled for spring 2010 is shifted to fall 2010

Awem studio, the developer of such titles as Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, Romance Of Rome, Cradle Of Rome announces that Cradle Of Rome 2, the sequel to the hit match-three game, will be available for download in fall 2010.

“We agreed to a couple of months delay on Cradle Of Rome 2, in exchange for greater quality and level of implementation,” said Oleg Rogovenko, producer of the game. “With a sequel, it’s important to bring a fresh new angle to the game without making it a re-skin. We try to introduce new mini-games without breaking the core mechanic that made Cradle Of Rome successful. Speaking about some of the top features added to the game they are: mini-games, two additional game modes and of course unique trophies, which have become a characteristic feature of all Awem games.”

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