Darkspore germinating at Comic-Con

Gamesport writes: hat they talked about: The trio of lead developers was on hand to properly unveil Darkspore. EA debuted the action-role-playing game at its studio showcase earlier this week, but the hour-long Comic-Con panel was the publisher's first chance to show its latest effort to the gaming public and go into the project in depth.

A Plasma Sentinel is pretty intimidating, even in its base form.

Vu began the presentation by explaining where the idea for the game came from. "Ultimately what we wanted to do was make cool characters with the Spore creator and beat each other in the face," Vu said.

The basic gameplay is a sci-fi action-RPG, but players will have to focus on acquiring a stable of new creatures, and then implementing squad-based tactics in the way they use them. As with other action-RPGs, boss battles, loot collection, and co-op play will also play a role.

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