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mjolliffe3009d ago

Glad to hear that a new OpFlash is on the way, but man I can't wait for Grid 2 and Dirt 3!

Hellsvacancy3009d ago

Im glad aswel, i didnt mind Operation FlashPoint 2, the game had its fair share of problems but it had sum good ideas, if they just improve on that itll b a killer game 2 own next year

Montrealien3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

I thought Operation Flash point 2 was ok, but when compared to Arma 2, it is a joke. Arma 2 is just insane..

As for Grid? that is awesome news. That racing Studio is amazing.

Conloles3009d ago

Great, hopefully CM learn and put some dedicated servers on their games this time and not make such a blatant console port.

Mmmkay3009d ago

so you obviously bought the console version this time i see...?

kevco333009d ago

I don't really see the point of having both GRID 2 and DiRT 3 in development... but hey, I'll probably end-up with both anyway!

Ju3009d ago

Why ? Those are two totally different games. Street racing vs. off-road.

Logiistics3009d ago


GRiD was one of my favorite racing games ever!

FishCake9T43009d ago

Grid still has the best damage modelling of any racer to this day IMO.

kidnplay3009d ago

Two racing titles in development seems a little odd to me, as they're sure to just compete with one another. Perhaps different launch windows? Either way, I'd more likely stump up the fifty or so quid for GRID 2 than DiRT 3.

Also good to see that a new Operation Flashpoint is on the way - hoping that there aren't the post-release problems and glitchiness which plagued Dragon Rising, as that could well put me off the brand if it happens again.

Mmmkay3009d ago

will dirt3 also be named colin mcrae and consist of mostly nitro circus?

might as well have been travis pastrana's dirt 2.... rather silly.

i want my grid platinum though, the first game is awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.