Rockstar definitely researching Hollywood

Eurogamer has learned from an independent source that Rockstar is ramping up research on locations around Hollywood.

Eurogamer's source could not say whether the research was specific to the GTA series.

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Faztkiller3011d ago

Interesting maybe something to the Hollywood Rumor

chak_3011d ago

back in LA.

I want to ride again R* please, san andreas was fun, and the place was fun too

mastiffchild3010d ago

Not for me. Was hoping to see something new from GT5 and so many games are set in california and the US that I'm gonna be hugely upset if this comes to pass. Are we now stuck on a conveyor of LC,VC and SA?

Why can't the series do something interesting like come home to the UK where the whole dynamics would have to change and the radio stations would be better;) We've done LC and SA before and I want GTA:Manchester/Glasgow with Moss Side drug wars and tenement based razor fights rather than the same game each gen but in a higher resolution. the imagination and flair seems to be leaving the series and gaming in general atm with few brave or new choices being made. Sad if this is true as SA was my least favourite GTA of all time-just went too far dow the same road as SR ended up living on for me. I know loads of people loved it but my feeling is they took that as far as(and definitely further than I'd ever wanted to go)they really could and going back would seem like a defeat of sorts. An admission that the juices are drying up rapidly and they haven't got a GTA:Alaska in them!

Christ, Hawaii with Dog the bounty hunter as one of the missions/assassinations or one set around an Amish society. Just one with a bit of imagination and a change of pace and emphasis. It's been one paced for too long, imo, and remember the freshness the first VC game brought? going back in time as much as going to a false Miami was what did it and moving to a different kind of place entirely would have the same effect. LA is as hackneyed as NY for games these days and is as uninspired a choice as I think I've ever seen in my entire life when they could take it ANYWHERE. Even GTA: Aussie would be great and one set in a Soweto township could do a lot of things differently. Seriously, it just feels a very safe and boring option.

Thing is R* are as aware of gamers just wanting the same damn thing every time as we are(all the moaning about missing the stuff from SA even though it wouldn't have fit the adult approach of GTA4, all the people wanting bloody remakes of classic games rather than new ones and so on)and it's at the point now where it's safe and easier to regurgitate places and themes than actually make something fresh and amazing. Oh well. Lets hope Agent manages a few surprises as this won't. Seriously, what more could they do with a SA type GTA? That's right-higher resolution! Is that worth $60 to us all, really?