Marvel vs. Capcom 3: New Footage Reveals Epic Combos and The Menu

A new video shows some new gameplay footage and the menu of Marvel vs. Capcom 3

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RubMyTaco3010d ago

Epic combos? Hmm.. bad title. Game still looks awesome though!

Kurt Russell3010d ago

Why is it live cam footage is always shot by someone with parkinsons?

DelbertGrady3010d ago

Not Parkinsons. Germanitis - a disease that makes you spam N4G with articles completely devoid of quality. Everything from really bad screenshot comparisons to old rehashed news, or in this case extremely shaky camera footage.

Kurt Russell3009d ago

Cheers for clearing that up ;)

PeterGriffinSays3010d ago

The guy holdin the cam is a fuckin FGT. Shaky ass mutha fucka.

PHOEBUS3010d ago

had more than 36 characters.

there's still a lot of time so I hope they had more characters. I want there to be an astonishing amount of characters and characters that people will actually want to play and not those filler kind of characters

Baka-akaB3010d ago

they've already been clear on that , they wont clutter it with an all you can eat buffet of neglected and broken characters .
I expect the amount to be bigger than 36 , but not by much , for balance and clarity purpose .

At the risk of attracting the anger of some , stuff like amingo and tron bon are just a waste a time for more popular or cooler marvel and capcom characters . And with less broken mechanics

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