NowGamer Preview: PES 2011

NowGamer delivers a PES 2011 preview with a difference.

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Wh15ky3005d ago

Sounds like they're still playing catch up to FIFA, except for the edit stadium mode, which quite frankly sounds pointless.
It's a shame as I was such a Pro Evo fan in the PS2 days and throughout my Wii owning period.

Konami only need to do 2 things to get me back on side:
1. For gods sake fix the online
2. Implement Move to give the option to control like the Wii versions.
Unfortunately this preview mentions neither so looks like it'll be FIFA again this year.

Perkel3005d ago

1st fifa should cath to pes. They may have all licenses sh6iner g5raph6ic and etc but still Master leag5ue mode in pes is unbeatable in any part. Same with g5ameplay elements.

Wh15ky3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I prefer most of the gameplay elements of Pro Evo to FIFA and I love the master league aswell, although I have enjoyed playing with St Johnstone in the SPL in FIFA10 this year and taking them to European Championship glory.
I owned both Pro Evo 09 and 10 on PS3 and both times traded them after a month for FIFA. The online is still not fixed and until it plays at least as well as FIFA online, I'll be sticking with FIFA.

"sh6iner g5raph6ic"

I actually prefered the graphics of Pro Evo 10 to FIFA10.
Whats with all the numbers?

Mmmkay3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

what's with all the 455656457??? are we supposed to read that shit?

pantatkaula3005d ago

Something wrong with his keyboard I think.. the numbers only appear when he press h and g.. h6 and g5.. hmm..

Baka-akaB3005d ago

dont see how you can state that , so far even the most skeptical sites and mags are agrees that pes 11 is definitively looking great and onto something

Wh15ky3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I remember reading the same about Pro Evo 10.
360 degree movement, online working perfectly etc
Didn't happen. Players still moved robotically in 8 directions and online was still unplayable.
The good previews for Pro Evo 10 were the reasons I took a chance on it after disliking Pro Evo 09, I won't be falling for that again - who am I kidding, I'll probably buy it day one, again.

Venatus-Deus3005d ago

Yeah, we've been hearing the same things for three years.

Blah blah blah...

buying FIFA again.

Baka-akaB3005d ago

What the hell ? how is this a preview ?

Baka-akaB3005d ago

wich part did it preview ? The one where it barely mention the game ?

Here is a rundown :

is it going to be better than FIFA this time?
It’s impossible to say at this stage

-There is a power gauge

-Doesn’t sound like they’re focussing on the all-important basics
wich doesnt even make sense in the article , since he doesnt develop at all , and goes against pretty much every other previews so far

That's pretty the "article" , it's short and empty . If somehow every site died and this was the only preview available online , you've learned nothing about the game

kingboy3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

what is this,1995?i want the latest motion cap and player collision or else don't bother..Oh dear how i use to be a pro PES & Iss fanboy back in the day until this gen

frogdefdaa3005d ago

the whole articla is just making fun of PES and Konami..!

I beleive that PES has more fans than Fifa.. a lot of ppl are waiting for the 2011 copy to be released.

Mmmkay3005d ago

justin bieber and halo have a lot of fans as well. i'd rather stay clear...!