This Is NOT The New Cole MacGrath

Don't believe the hype says Play. The supposed new character design for Cole MacGrath is not real and it can prove it.

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Quagmire3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Lol, predictable IGN, making up false rumours and error-riddled previews just to make a few hits.

Too bad though, not really digging the new Cole, neither did i like the original. This one seemed to be a balanced combination of the two. Oh well, as long as the game is fun, his face can look like a pair of tits on a bull and I wouldnt complain.

Game-ur3100d ago

At comic-con SP revealed that they didn’t make a final decision on character design, the original Cole had a forgettable face, but this rumored design has character in it.

It would be great if they made a character customization feature like the outfits in RDR.
That way anyone can customize Cole to his liking, bald or not, facial hair, shirtless with full body tattoos (maybe one like Kratos) and punk shorts, look like as a man in black…

HolyOrangeCows3100d ago

"Lol, predictable IGN, making up false rumours and error-riddled previews just to make a few hits"

Actually, the NeoGaf kiddies/trolls made this one up. You can't blame other sites for writing articles about the rumor.

RememberThe3573100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Accept this article is complete speculation and IGN claims to have been told this by Sucker Punch.

The entire point of this article is to defend the current Cole against what is what the author call a "vocal minority."

"If inFamous 2 winds up being worse for all this shouting and screaming you’ll only have yourselves to blame."

WTF is he talking about? I want Cole to stay bald (or whatever) and this author thinks it's going to ruin the game? How lame is that. I can understand that their is a disagreement over the preferred character design but it is mental leap for you to go form character design to entire game quality. It seem childish and entirely unthoughtful.

nickjkl3100d ago

people didnt like the first cole and people dont like the new cole personally the new cole would look better in this new setting old cole being the angry bastard he is would not really fit at all

magtuse163099d ago

if you listen to the developers videos, they said now since they have a better engine and understanding of the ps3 power, they want to try new things, one of them happens to be from bald to david beckham hair. next they said the reason to change the voice was because the previous one was too deep and something a villain would sound like, cole is suppose to be a smart ass kind of guy, so they gave him a smart ass voice actor. he's a normal guy that has lighting ability. it not a natural born super hero.all i'm trying to say is, let the developer a try, if it a failure so be it.

ico923100d ago

I'm one of the few people that actually doesnt give a [email protected] about the new design for Cole it doesnt bother me in the slightest, if they keep the new design thats fine if they change back to the old one thats also fine but these are only cosmetic changes, there not gonna affect the gameplay and in case some of you have forgotten the gameplay was the biggest star of the 1st Infamous not the appearence of Cole.

The Great Melon3100d ago

I can probably deal with any design for the new Cole (even if I like the original as it is), but I hate his new voice actor. I don't want hear that whiny and smug voice every time I do something in the game.

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DelbertGrady3100d ago

No sh!t. That's David Beckham.

Thrillhouse3100d ago

I thought he looked like Beckham in the original.

Maciariello3100d ago

I swear to god, Zeke better stop saying "cashola" in this next game or I'll sucker punch Sucker Punch.

Thrillhouse3100d ago

As long as Sucker Punch gets your cashola . . . oh shi-

BornToKill3100d ago

it's not like you're gonna have $ex with him...

BannedForNineYears3100d ago

Excellent point.
I honestly couldn't have made a better point than that.

Colonel-Killzone3100d ago

Sigh enough with the Cole Articles. We will see when they decide to show us

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