Rising Star Games to bring Deadly Premonition to the UK, says BBFC

British classifications board BBFC has revealed that Rising Star Games will be distributing Deadly Premonition in the UK.

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DelbertGrady3191d ago

"Breaking News: Rising Star Games CEO is a platypus."

thereapersson3191d ago

Why anyone would waste resources supporting this piece of campy bullshit is beyond me.

Blaze9293191d ago

You clearly haven't played the game....

So I don't know why you're talking as if you have. For $19.99, it's a pretty fun(ny) game for laughs and giggles and if you liked Twin Peaks you'll love this game.

Play stuff at least before criticizing.

Baka-akaB3191d ago

meh i think linking it to twin peak is rather insulting . Twin peak was top notch in every aspect of its realisation at the time .

Not just some silly satire done with cheap budget . Could be good in its own regard , but let's not throw cult names that easily

Alos883191d ago

"That explains EVERYTHING!"

GWAVE3191d ago

How can people honestly fall in love with this so-called "campy, likable" storyline (I played this game for two days/5 hours and walked away...) and in the same breath claim that the MGS series storyline is bad?

thereapersson3191d ago

People actually pay money for games like this!

Rocket Sauce3190d ago

You know, the Metal Gear Solid games devote an astonishing amount of time to a guy pooping his pants.

Maybe you're taking this stuff too seriously.

jaosobno3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

My condolences to UK citizens. You did nothing to deserve this, it's not your fault.

Erotic Sheep3191d ago

Well I think that's their punishment for their horrible World Cup play..

jaosobno3191d ago

LOL! A fitting punishment.

Alos883191d ago

I'll rent it, York seems pretty likable from the gameplay I've seen.

Mcardle3191d ago

wanted to play this for a while.

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The story is too old to be commented.