Sony shows off everything PlayStation Move can do

Sony has given CVG a very special glimpse into the technical capabilities of its PlayStation Move controller - and, thanks to the magic of video, we can share it with you.

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Poseidon3194d ago

i can imagine how cool it would be with a sniper rifle (move style) since its accurate it will take a little more skill to get a headshot ;)

Raoh3194d ago

killzone 2 you can sniper with the sixaxis

Johnny_Bravo3194d ago

Yea but it sucks, I always forget you can you use it, and it messes me up.

LeonSKennedy4Life3194d ago

Johnny Bravo needs reported for trolling.

KZ2's sixaxis sniping is perfect. It's a mechanic other shooters should mock.

There's a deadzone on every controller and the sixaxis takes care of that. :)

GWAVE3194d ago

This video is fantastic. Okay, I can understand if someone doesn't like motion controls at all. That's one thing. But if you honestly look at ACTUAL FOOTAGE AND DEMONSTRATIONS of Move and Kinect, I cannot - for the life of me - understand how hardcore gamers these days are siding with Kinect.

cereal_killa3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

They are not Hardcore they are nothing but Fanboys who will never admit something other than there console of choice is the best no matter what you show to be right. I personally was more excited for Kinect when it was 1st announced because I believe thats what the Wii should have done in the 1st place (full motion control) but after finding out that almost everything they showed at E3 2009 was nothing but smoke n mirrors I decided to wait and see the games they announce for it again nothing but kiddy casual games that I can get on the Wii. When I 1st seen Move I said "Wii2" and wanted to see what games they announced before I really made my judgment seeing that between the 2 Sony is going all out finding not only to please the casual crowd with the typical arcade games but give the hardcore crowd a bunch a games as well but I said this many of times I don't care how many either of them see they will always be in the shadows of the Wii.

sikbeta3194d ago

We don't need any comparisons, Move is Showing that it's awesome, it can be implemented in every game and will work Great, this amazing and we're only seeing tech demos, Imagine what they can do for a Game

PlayStation Move FTW!!!

Boody-Bandit3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Most rational gamers would not choose Kinect over Move.
I am picking up Move release day because it will actually work with nearly any type of game. I have no interest, nor does my family (they have all seen it), in Kinect.

Torefos3194d ago

Wouldn't it actually take less skill to pull of a headshot with move? It would be more accurate for sure, and much more fun but easier.

Just point and shoot. A DS3 player needs alot of skill to pull off headshots with the joystick, its difficult. :)

badz1493194d ago

are u saying all of them are noob too because mouse is easy to use and accurate?

Torefos3194d ago

No, some pro BMX-bikers wouldn't be a noobs just because some other clowns are pro at one-wheel-bikes.

You got newbies in one end and pros in the other. But with PC-gaming theres not much space between.

Thats why people often rants about "Pure LUCK - no skill" in pc-games.
Theres less variables, thats all I mean.

LoVeRSaMa3194d ago

When I saw him use move as his own hands all I could think of is some sort of Awesome MECH game, where you see your robots hands, and you can just pull out guns, or swich to a sword, I hope someone makes sometihng like this..

gamerzBEreal173194d ago

i like the other guy more :\

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thereapersson3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

This video was posted yesterday...


If any of you want to help clean up N4G, you'll report this story, and use the link I reported as evidence.

harrisk9543194d ago

This is absolutely duplicate story. The video was posted from the Dual Shockers website, I think... and it was a better camera angle and video quality in the other posting.

RedPawn3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

That is PIMP.

Sucks this was a DUP STORY!

goldenzealot3194d ago ShowReplies(3)
J-Smith3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )


A xbox fan clone. How original.

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