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You have to admit Green you're trolling gets worse everytime. I think you're actually picking at straws every chance you get.

thereapersson3008d ago

"I told her I’m gay.”
“I thought this is what you wanted.”
“Jesus. Well, yes. But. Fuck."

Conloles3008d ago

This article isnt even a rumour its just some joke thing

Rot_in_Fail3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Maybe it's GTA:Los Santos

Bereaver3008d ago

Do you know what's sad? That no one understands that it doesn't matter what system runs what game better, it's what the system can do when it's optimized for it. I mean... jeeze... Look at the exclusives... that's the easiest way to tell which system packs a bigger punch.

But hey, ignorance is bliss.

moparful993008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

No whats more sad is how people grovel over obscure tecnical imperfections that 99% of the people playing the games wouldnt have a clue about unless they see those stupid comparissons that measure frame rate, screen tear, and resolution. People have a hard time discerning the difference of anything over 30fps which is why most games are locked at 30 so they can optimize textures and MSAA. I've played multiplats on both systems and honestly the games that people boast about being "SO MUCH BETTER" on 360 are only marginally better.. It's all just politics and gives them a miniscule fact to try and leverage against others in an argument.. All I know is that my ps3 exclusives are the best looking and performing games of this generation and I'm happy with that..

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Can we at least stay on topic?

TEFL0N_D0N_813008d ago

Yep I agree. I thought they should have made a GTA-Haiti.

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Rot_in_Fail3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Hollywood is ok but ain't it too small?
Also I don't really get the form of this rumor

gtamike3008d ago

GTA Name not GTA 5..............

hassi943008d ago

They said that every subsequent full GTA game of GTAIV will be numbered and that large DLC stories will serve as the in betweens.

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lol these are good hopefully we do get a gta5 location soon i hope its london but hollywood would be good.

ico923008d ago

i doubt they would set it in London theres already the Getaway series, and about Hollywood theres already San Andreas which includes a recreation of L.A,

yess3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

This is pure speculation from my side, so go easy on the disagree.
But what if they did Hollywood and London in the same game.

Both city's on BD and each city on Two DVD's.
Then the disc space, and swapping of DVD9 would be justified...
I know i am dreaming but could be cool, to have a story using both city's, connected by plane.

Rot_in_Fail3008d ago

what about swaping discs in multiplayer

yess3008d ago

The distance betwen the two city's, is far. So the traveling is done by cutscene, like two diferent maps.
So multiplayer would not be a problem, you just select city to play in.

MikeGdaGod3008d ago

screw London and Hollywood.....bring on GTA Chicago!!!

no rougher city in the US right now....

Tunerboy87323008d ago

yes Chi Town all the way.

whitesoxfalife3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

from the west to the south side toss in a small bit of the north make an achievement to tear down wrigleyville then head out east to rainbow beach to relax in the sun before them latin kings get u yes put GTA in Chicago or jump off the SearsTower even tho it has a new name .....try to survive in the ickies on state street that will be a helluva achievment right there by itself for those who know about my beloved cityman i can on and on just dont make it a newyork clone....

Dont for get about Englewood THE most terrifying place in Chicago on the south side i can take you thru all the hoods out there what it do

rareairtone3008d ago

I don't see the logic behind it except for a major roasting of culture within hollywood. GTA has always been a work that exploits the flaws within a place. It prioritizes observation. It doesn't prioritize "romanticization"

I also fail to see the logic because hollywood is not a big place..i guess unless they copy it foot-for-foot. They'd have to put surrounding areas in too for it to be of reasonable size. It would

And how much crime within hollywood is really worth emulating in a game?

Colonel-Killzone3008d ago

I wouldn't mind if GTA is set in Tokyo or something like that.

starvinbull3008d ago

Tokyo would be awesome but really there's a reason that each one except GTAlondon have been set in the USA.

The research and work that goes into each would be that much more difficult to do with a completely alien location like Tokyo. In LA it's very easy to get a dozen guys out of the office walking streets photographing locations and landmarks, to do the same thing in Tokyo would be ten times more expensive and would take ten times longer to do.

If it happened I would expect it to have an all American cast because even just getting english speaking actors that have the sort of gravitas of a Jimmy pegorino or a Niko Bellic would be that much harder if they are of Japanese descent and sound like they are as well.

Would anyone reading this be happy to have every radio station in GTAV be a Japanese station?

I would quite like something yakuzaish but I'd be very surprised if it ever happened with a big budget open world game by a western publisher.

Bereaver3008d ago

Do you know how cheap it is to fly for a company like that?

starvinbull3008d ago

My point is that it's one thing to work intimately with locations and poeople you're familiar with but to replicate those working practices thousands of miles away is prohibitively expensive and difficult.

And another thing, you aren't really going to defend the cost of air travel when compared with the cost of walking are you?

siyrobbo3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

rockstar north is based in Edinburgh ? its a long walk from there to LA

Eiffel3008d ago

True Crime 2010. There's your Asia resided GTA.

C0MPUT3R3008d ago

Rockstar would get lambasted if it were set in Tokyo, they would be called racist for making fun of asian culture.

beavis4play3008d ago

it should be singapore.

however, i'd like it to be either chicago or dallas.

Motorola3008d ago

nah, we just had China Town wars...I dont think Japan would be smart....

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