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Fishy Fingers3100d ago

Not to interested in the game, but watched the film last night and it's fantastic, best of the series.

lelo2play3100d ago


CaptainMarvelQ83100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

by far the best film based game
hope these sales gives developers the motivation to make film based games better

starvinbull3100d ago

Anyone thinking the same as fishy fingers listent to this.

Me and my gf have been playing this like mad in co-op split screen and it's great, best disney game ever.

I do these soldier parachuting missions while she is off catching bandits and decorating the town. In case you were wondering the open world part of the game is also co-op and split screen.

It's like a mix between Ratchet and Clank, Dark Cloud and Lego (insert film title). It's stolen the clothes of the Lego video game franchise and out done it quite easily with better co op, better humour and better gameplay.

It's not a cash in I assure you.


thanks im getting this for me and my son and was wondering about coop on the creating bit as that is meant to be really good from what i have read and coop on that makes the difference from rent to buy as its the longer bit,
plus move dlc

J-Smith3100d ago

i am happy for it[Toy Story 3 game] can't wait to get the film on blu-ray to

mantisimo3100d ago

.....of getting this for the kids but if it's this good I don't think I will.

I'll never get the controllers off them to play my games (or secretly play Toy story 3)!

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The story is too old to be commented.