StarCraft II EU Servers Go Live 11pm Tonight

GamerZines writes:

GamerZines has just learned that even though StarCraft II:Wings of Liberty isn't available until 12am tomorrow morning, servers will go live at 11pm BST (GMT + 1) tonight, allowing gamers to log-on and play.

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Poseidon3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

good news my european friends.

Otheros003007d ago

They are lucky they get to play 1 hr before other regions.

Spydiggity3007d ago

they get to play several hours before many regions...being that they are several time zones ahead of north america.

and since i'm one of those ppl in north america, i'm jealous. i will be in line at midnight though. can't fuckin wait!

distorted_reality3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I won't remind you about how far Australia is ahead then :P

Spydiggity3007d ago

good call.

i was under the impression that australia was always a few weeks behind, however. guess not in the case of SC2. :)

Spenok3007d ago

Lol. To bad i wouldnt be able to get my hands on this game until the actual release anyways. So this isnt a big deal. Though for those that already have it, especially those in Europe, are very lucky.

chak_3007d ago

cool I'm european !

But I don't like SC2 :o

Seafort3007d ago

Cool got the game already. Can't wait to install and play SC2 finally.

iceman28853007d ago

"Jacked up and good to go"

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