BeefJack: Short Stuff - Why More Games Should Be Short And Sweet

BeefJack: "There’s a curious assumption that value for money should be measured in hours of gaming. It’s preposterous. Daikatana was quite a long game. You could never in a hundred billion years suggest I spent my money on a full-price copy of that instead of something like Limbo. To do that would be to assert that 30 hours of bland mediocrity is a more worthwhile product to purchase than a few hours of blistering genius you’ll remember for years to come. I think some people genuinely are suggesting this. Are they mad beyond words?"

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DelbertGrady3008d ago

Or long and sweet, like Deathspank. That game took me around 15 hours to complete.

It depends on the game really. With some games, like intense action games for instance (Bayonetta etc), a 30 hour campaign would most likely make it feel tedious after a short while. The increasing enemy difficulty wouldn't pan out well either. On the other hand, an 8-10 hour RPG game would feel much too short as it immerses the player in a different way than an intense action game does.

mantisimo3008d ago

want a load of short games just because they are good.

Most of the games I really love are the mid/long length games that can immerse you for days and you always want to come back to to see what's next or play some multi.

Don't get me wrong short games can be really sweet but are over too quickly and not something I'd generally replay too often.

plus some of them can be a bit expensive for an hour long game (4 of them could add up to a full length/price game that will give you a lot more playability)

So yeah I like the odd one but generally prefer a longer/fuller game/experience.