Talent at RARE: Is It Being Wasted?

RARE has always made quality games with a distinct flare that has been enjoyable. If you look at there intellectual properties they have under their belt you will be amazed when reading the names. Some have been hit's that required sequels and others have been just cult followings that were done well. Then again lets move from the past to the present.

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BlackBusterCritic3009d ago

Doesnt there have to BE TALENT in order to waste it? Lets face it, Rare is trash now. Best thing they've done was "upscale" the original Perfect Dark game and Kameo (For some reason the sequel was canceled). PDZ is hailed as one of the worst sequels to ever exist, they made those god awful Avatars on XBL, they made Lego Banjo Kazooie Gummi Ship Edition, and Viva Pinata.

ZombieAutopsy3009d ago

I'm sure they have talent but they don't get to decide what they do with it, every move they make is up to Microsoft.

BlackBusterCritic3009d ago

Free Radical fails to impress as well. They did a great job on Timesplitters, but they too have failed this generation.

Folezicle3009d ago

Despite it's family friendly style I enjoyed Viva Pinata.. Although I agree that MS shouldn't of wasted their expertise on avatars.

IaMs123009d ago

Its not MS fault really, just because they arent making a game they want to make at that time, doesnt give it excuse for it too be crap.
If you got talent no matter what your working on you will put out your all to make sure its going to be your best each and every time.

BlackIceJoe3009d ago

I so hope Rare will be able to make their old classic games again. I would enjoy playing a new Killer Instinct & Perfect Dark. Rare has so many great IPs that I hope to see a return of the greats again.