Portal: A Modern Masterpiece

Thesixthaxis: Portal transcends the typical socially acceptable time limits normally imposed on videogames; the internet memes still played out today might have grown a little tired now but if you were there, when nobody knew, even your Granny politely informing you that the damned cake is a lie can fire off enough synapses to invoke special, personal memories of one of this generation’s most memorable titles.

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-Mezzo-3102d ago

This is one brilliant game, i still play it every now and then & still i enjoy it as much as i did on my first play through.

Poseidon3102d ago

anyone got the ps3 orange box set? psnidflamesofhell

DelbertGrady3102d ago

Why would they? No one is THAT masochistic.

Bereaver3102d ago

Why would they? The same reason you're here commenting on this very comment.

DigitalAnalog3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I've heard a lot about portal and the game was dirt cheap. I admit the game was buggy as hell but the entire playthrough of Portal was worth it. I now proudly own the Orange Box on steam added to the fact I've played both the "Prelude" and the "Flash Map Pack", both unofficial yet excellent mods to a MASTERPIECE of a game.

@Poseidon: Even though I do own it but I don't think I'll playing it on the PS3 anytime soon.

-End statement

uie4rhig3101d ago

anyone know good map packs for portal? i am about to download prelude (just heard about it from digitalanalog) and i have already played flash version map pack.. anything else?

dead_eye3102d ago

hey poseidon. does team fortress to still have many people playing it on the ps3. was thinking of re buying the orange box.

Poseidon3102d ago

yep, playing it right now

dead_eye3102d ago

coolio. Be buying the orange box again soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.