Monsters & Critics' VIDEO GAMES LIVE: Comic-Con Edition Review writes:

"Familiar video game footage appeared on three large screens, while an orchestra sat below, at the ready. The video game: Pong. The footage began to play and so too did the orchestra. What began as a series of bleeps and bloops became a full-on orchestral arrangement. This was no longer Pong, the video game – rather, it was Pong, the experience. Such was the feeling throughout the San Diego Civic Center, as a crowd of thousands sat and experienced their favorite video game music."

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coolfool3007d ago

I have been to this, twice. First time was really good, the price was reasonable the pieces were varied and the created atmosphere was really good. I would have recommended it then.

So after that experience I decided to go again two years later. It was a completely different experience. One of the reasons for the this was that the format was exactly the same. Nothing had changed. Even the jokes by Tallarico were the same jokes. This could all seem ok except that the concert ticket was literally more than double the price of the first time, for exactly the same thing! And it had nothing to do with where I was sitting.

That said, the pieces were good, the show was reasonably entertaining and I did mostly enjoy it. My recommendation would be to go once and only once!